Abnormal Psychology


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Appropriate for introductory abnormal psychology course taught at universities and colleges in Canada. This second edition of Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives, boasts an impressive team of Canadian expert contributors who are well-known and highly respected in their fields. The editors have managed a consistent treatment of the material and a solid approach throughout the text. New case boxes have been introduced for each chapter and references and web links have been updated.
Brief Contents. Preface. Acknowledgements. About the Editors. About the Contributors. 1. Concepts of Abnormality Throughout History, by William L. Marshall. 2. Theoretical Perspectives on Abnormal Behaviour, by William L. Marshall. 3. Classification and Diagnosis, by Philip Firestone and Harvey P. Mandel. 4. Psychological Assessment and Research Methods, by Philip Firestone. 5. Behaviour and Emotional Disorders of Childhood Adolescence, Philip Firestone. 6. Developmental Disorders, by Patricia M. Minnes. 7. Anxiety Disorders, by Steven Taylor, Stephane Bouchard, Brian J. Cox, and Janel G. Gauthier. 8. Dissociative and Somatoform Disorders, by Christine Korol, Kenneth D. Craig, and Philip Firestone, 9. Eating Disorders, by Fred J. Boland. 10. Substance-Related Disorders, by Philip Firestone and Yolanda Korneluk. 11. The Personality Disorders, by Ralph C. Serin and William L. Marshall. 12. Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders, by William L. Marshall. 13. Mood Disorders and Suicide, by Mark A. Lau, Zindel V. Segal, and H. Bruce Ferguson. 14. Schizophrenia, by Richard W. J. Neufeld, Jeffrey R. Carter, Ian R. Nicholson, and David N. Vollick. 15. Psychophysiologic Disorders, by Kenneth M. Prkachin and Glenda C. Prkachin. 16. Therapies, by John Hunsley and Catherine M. Lee. 17. Mental Disorders and Aging, by V. Jane Knox and William L. Gekoski. 18. Mental Health Laws and Ethics, by James R.P. Ogloff, Maureen C. Olley, and Lindsey A. Jack. 19. Prevention and Mental Health Promotion in the Community, Geoffrey Nelson, Issac Prilleltensky, and Ray DeV. Peters. Glossary. References. Name Index. Subject Index.
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780130938008
Verschijningsdatum 1 aug. 2002
Omvang 624
Auteur(s) MARSHALL
Taal Engels

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