ADHD in the Schools

Assessment and Intervention Strategies

  • George J. DuPaul, Gary Stoner
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Affecting one out of every 20 children and adolescents, ADHD is often first identified by education professionals--teachers, counselors, or school psychologists. Until now, however, the literature on ADHD has primarily been written by and for clinic -based practitioners. Addressing school-related problems associated with ADHD such as academic underachievement, noncompliance with classroom rules, and problematic peer relationships, this book is specifically designed to meet the needs of school psychologists, guidance counselors, administrators, and both regular and special education teachers.
Overview of ADHD. Assessment of ADHD in School Settings. ADHD and Learning Difficulties: What Is the Connection? Early Screening, Identification, and Intervention. School-Based Intervention Strategies. Medication Therapy. Adjunctive Interventions for ADHD. Communication with Parents, Professionals, and Students. Conclusions and Future Directions.
Uitgavejaar 1994
ISBN 9780898622454
Serie School Practitioner S.
Verschijningsdatum 28 apr. 1994
Omvang 269
Auteur(s) George J. DuPaul, Gary Stoner
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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