After Lockdown, Opening Up

  • Darren Ellis Angie Voela
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  • Beschikbaar vanaf 5 oktober 2021
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This edited volume examines the psychosocial transformations experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, and envisions those that might lead to a more equitable society as we 'open up'. The book integrates psychoanalysis, sociology, cultural studies, and psychology to address three main areas: personal experiences of the lockdown, new formations of power and desire that the lockdown has shaped, and global concerns related to the pandemic. Within those three areas, the chapters discuss key themes that include the uses of space during lockdown; experiences of death, loss, and domestic violence; race and the pandemic; technology, media, and viral media; chronic illness; handwashing and COVID-19; and conspiracy theories. Drawing together academics and practitioners with a common vision of social justice and active pedagogy, the contents of this volume combine experiential writing with cutting-edge, theoretically-informed interdisciplinary debates. The book advances and demonstrates the productive diversity of psychosocial studies, drawing on psychoanalytic theories, critical psychologies, critical theories, critical race theories, process philosophies, affect theories, and critical pedagogy. In doing so, it will appeal to scholars across the social sciences.
1. Introduction: For a Psychosocial approach to the lockdown (Darren Ellis and Angie Voela).- 2. Sharing space - not sharing space: narcissism and object relations in the pandemic (Stephen Briggs).- 3. Death, loss and limbo in times of pandemic (Elizabeth McMullan and Rebecca Reynolds).- 4. The world is slowing down: reflection on time during lockdown and pregnancy (Marija Lobanova).- 5. Conceptualising the lockdown form the point of view of chronic illness (Sharon Gallagher and Angie Voela).- 6. Locked-in, log-in and slog-on: a technocratic dystopia? (Darren Ellis).- 7. "It's genetic, innit?" Racializing the lockdown (Lurraine Jones and Marcia Wilson).- 8. Addressing the safety and criminal exploitation of vulnerable young people- before, during and after COVID-19 and lockdown (Andrew Ravenscroft et al.).- 9. Being trapped in relational systems of narcissistic abuse during lockdown (Elizabeth McMullan).- 10. Leaving home: safer beyond the neoliberal family (Debra Benita Shaw).- 11. 'Hands, face, space': Psychoanalysis, secular rituals and magical thinking in COVID-19 times (Marita Vyrgioti).- 12. Separation, connection and the anticipation of uncertain (digital) futures: care, lockdown and mental health (Ian Tucker).- 13. The new logics of viral media (Tony Sampson & Jussi Parikka).- 14. Lockdown and conspiracy theories: inaction, transmission, stupidity (Angie Voela).- 15. Afterword (Corinne Squire).
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9783030802776
Serie Studies in the Psychosocial
Verschijningsdatum 5 okt. 2021
Omvang 251
Editie 1st ed. 2021
Auteur(s) Darren Ellis Angie Voela
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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