• Elizabeth Fee Daniel M. Fox
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When AIDS was first recognized in 1981, most experts believed that it was a plague, a virulent unexpected disease. They thought AIDS, as a plague, would resemble the great epidemics of the past: it would be devastating but would soon subside, perhaps never to return. By the middle 1980s, however, it became increasingly clear that AIDS was a chronic infection, not a classic plague. In this follow-up to AIDS: The Burdens of History, editors Elizabeth Fee and Daniel M. Fox present essays that describe how AIDS has come to be regarded as a chronic disease. Representing diverse fields and professions, the twenty-three contributors to this work use historical methods to analyze politics and public policy, human rights issues, and the changing populations with HIV infection. They examine the federal government's testing of drugs for cancer and HIV, and show how the policy makers' choice of a specific historical model (chronic disease versus plague) affected their decisions. A powerful photo essay reveals the strengths of women from various backgrounds and lifestyles who are coping with HIV. A sensitive account of the complex relationships of the gay community to AIDS is included. Finally, several contributors provide a sampling of international perspectives on the impact of AIDS in other nations.
Introduction: The Contemporary Historiography of AIDS Elizabeth Fee and Daniel M. Fox PART I. THE VIRUS AND ITS PUBLICS AIDS and Beyond: Defining the Rules for Viral Traffic Stephen S. Morse Causes, Cases, and Cohorts: The Role of Epidemiology in the Historical Construction of AIDS Gerald M. Oppenheimer The Mass-Mediated Epidemic: The Politics of AIDS on the Nightly Network News Timothy E. Cook and David C. Colby PART II. LAW, ETHICS, AND PUBLIC POLICY The Politics of HIV Infection: 1989-1990 as Years of Change Daniel M. Fox The AIDS Litigation Project: A National Review of Court and Human Rights Commission Decisions on Discrimination Larry Costin The History of Transfusion AIDS: Practice and Policy Alternatives Harvey M. Sapo/sky and Stephen L. Boswell Scientific Rigor and Medical Realities: Placebo Trials in Cancer and AIDS Research David]. Rothman and Harold Edgar Entering the Second Decade: The Politics of Prevention, the Politics of Neglect Ronald Bayer PART III. AFFECTED POPULATIONS Until That Last Breath: Women with AIDS Ann Meredith Riding the Tiger: AIDS and the Gay Community Robert A. Padgug and Gerald M. Oppenheimer The First City: HIV among Intravenous Drug Users in New York City Don C. Des ]arlais, Samuel R. Friedman, and ]o L. Sotheran PART IV. INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES AIDS Policies in the United Kingdom: A Preliminary Analysis Virginia Berridge and Philip Strong Foreign Blood and Domestic Politics: The Issue of AIDS in Japan James W. Dearing Medical Research on AIDS in Africa: A Historical Perspective Randall M. Packard and Paul Epstein AIDS and HIV Infection in the Third World: A First World Chronicle Paula A. Treichler Notes on Contributors Index Contents
Uitgavejaar 1992
ISBN 9780520077782
Verschijningsdatum 1 jul. 1992
Omvang 417
Auteur(s) Elizabeth Fee Daniel M. Fox
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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