Analysing Everyday Experience

Social Research and Political Change

  • Niamh Stephenson
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Interest in researching experience continues to grow in sociology, cultural studies, feminist theory and psychology. However there is a crisis over the representation of experience - evident in epistemological debates, in everyday life and in global politics. Could researching experience contribute to creating socio-political change or does it simply open new avenues for post-Fordist self-regulation? "Analysing Everyday Experience" illustrates the emergence of plural historical actors who disrupt unitary subjectivities, resist univocal integration and refigure the political by remaking everyday experience.
Acknowledgements - Prologue - PART I: THE PROBLEM OF EXPERIENCE - Interrupting Neo-Liberal Subjectivities - The Political Project of Articulation - PART II: WORKING WITH A MOVING TARGET IN SOCIAL RESEARCH - The Collective Subject of Memory-Work - The Sociability of Experience - PART III: EXPERIENCE AND SOCIO-POLITICAL TRANSFORMATION - Self/Freedom - Rethinking Collectivity - PART IV: CONTINUOUS EXPERIENCE - Three Paradigms of Experience - Experience after Representation - References - Index
'Few social scientists have successfully provided us - as persons and as social researchers - with ways to act on and transform our world. In their brilliant analysis of experience and their elucida
Uitgavejaar 2006
ISBN 9781403935588
Verschijningsdatum 2 jul. 2006
Omvang 256
Auteur(s) Niamh Stephenson
Taal Engels
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