Applying the Rasch Model

Fundamental Measurement in the Human Sciences

  • Trevor G. Bond
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For many researchers the Rasch model provides a practical solution to data analysis in the social sciences. This work contends that Rasch measurement is "the model of choice" as it is the closest to realizing the sort of objective fundamental measurement so long revered in the physical sciences. The goals of this work are: to present an accessible overview of the basic properties and principles of Rasch analysis, that does not require a sophisticated statistical background; to demonstrate how Rasch analysis can be applied to a number of generic problems encountered by psychologists and educators; and to prepare readers for performing their own analyses and interpreting the results.
Why Measurement Is Fundamental; Important Principles Of Measurement Made Explicit; Basic Principles Of The Rasch Model; Building A Set Of Items For Measurement; Test Equating - Can Two Tests Measure The Same Ability; Measurement Using Likert Scales; The Partial Credit Rasch Model; Measuring Facets Beyond Ability And Difficulty; Revealing Stage-Based Development; The Rasch Model Applied Across The Human Sciences; Rasch Modelling Applied - Rating Scale Design; The Question Of Model Fit; A Synthetic Overview.
Uitgavejaar 2001
ISBN 9780805834765
Verschijningsdatum 1 mei 2001
Omvang 280
Auteur(s) Trevor G. Bond
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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