Asian American Mental Health

Assessment Theories and Methods

  • Karen S. Kurasaki, Sumie Okazaki, Stanley Sue
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Asian American Mental Health is a state-of-the-art compendium of the conceptual issues, empirical literature, methodological approaches, and practice guidelines for conducting culturally informed assessments of Asian Americans, and for assessing provider cultural competency within individuals and systems. It is the first of its kind on Asian Americans. This volume draws upon the expertise of many of the leading experts in Asian American and multicultural mental health to provide a much needed resource for students and professionals in a wide range of disciplines including clinical psychology, medical anthropology, psychiatry, cross-cultural psychology, multicultural counseling, ethnic minority psychology, sociology, social work, counselor education, counseling psychology, and more.
Acknowledgments. About the Authors. 1. Introduction; K.S. Kurasaki, S. Okazaki. Section I: Cultural Relevance of Diagnostic Categories: A Conceptual Discussion. 2. Understanding the Rates and Distribution of Mental Disorders; D.F. Chang. 3. Examining the Usefulness of DSM-IV; R.H. Dana. 4. Toward a New Paradigm: A Cultural Systems Approach; M. Kagawa-Singer, R.C.-Y. Chung. 5. Challenging the Myth of a Culture Free Nosological System; Keh-Ming Lin, M. Kin. Section II: Theories of Relevant Sociocultural Variables. 6. Assessing Accultuarion and Cultural Variables; G. Roysircar, M.L. Maestas. 7. Models of Cultural Orientation: Differences between American-born and Overseas-born Asians; J.L. Tsai, Y. Chentsova-Dutton. 8. Cultural Variations in Self-construal as a Mediator of Distress and Well-being; S. Okazaki. 9. The Use of Culturally-based Variables in Assessment: Studies on Loss of Face; N. Zane, M. Yeh. Section III: Issues of Psychometric Equivalence Across Cultures. 10. Universal and Indigenous Dimensions of Chinese Personality; F.M. Cheung. 11. Interpreting Cultural Variations in Cognitive Profiles; L.A. Suzuki, et al. 12. The Conception of Depression in Chinese Americans; Yu-Wen Ying. 13. Assessing Asian and Asian American Parenting: A Review of the Literature; Su Yeong Kim, V.Y. Wong. Section IV: Culturally Informed Assessment, Research, and Practice. 14. Assessing Psychiatric Prevalence Rates Among Asian Americans; K.S. Kurasaki, A.K.Koike. 15. The Place of Ethnographic Understanding in the Assessment of Asian American Mental Health; E.S. Uehara. et al. 16. The Clinical Assessment of Asian American Children; M. Yeh, J.W. Yeh. 17. Examining the Role of Culture in Educational Assessment; J. Sandoval. 18. A Cultural Accommodation Approach to Career Assessment with Asian Americans; F.T.L. Leong, M. Tang. 19. Theory and Method of Multicultural Counseling Competency Assessment; R.M. Lee, A.J. Darnell. 20. Assessment of Cultural Competence in Mental Health Systems of Care for Asian Americans; J.L. Chin. Section V: Conclusions. 21. Advances in the Scientific Study of Asian Americans; S. Sue. Subject Index. Author Index.
"The book will be most useful to researchers in psychology and psychiatry who wish to use psychometric measures with patients, but it will also be useful to trainees and training directors who need to review the literature on the assessment of Asian Americans as well as to graduate students learning about multicultural issues in assessment. ...useful for understanding how measures that were developed for Western patients need to be adapted for use with Asian Americans... I enjoyed Asian American Mental Health very much, as the overall tone is to explain the research that has already been conducted on many topics, to explore the limitations of this research, and to suggest directions for further research." (Psychiatric Services, 54:8 (2003)
Uitgavejaar 2012
ISBN 9781461352167
Serie International and Cultural Psychology
Verschijningsdatum 21 sep. 2012
Omvang 344
Redactie Karen S. Kurasaki, Sumie Okazaki, Stanley Sue
Editie Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2002
Auteur(s) Karen S. Kurasaki Sumie Okazaki Stanley Sue
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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