Ask the Doctor About Parkinson's Disease

  • Michael Okun Hubert Fernandez
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Derived from the National Parkinson Foundation's website column Ask the Doctor, this book answers frequently asked questions about Parkinson's Disease in depth. Useful for caregivers, family members and individuals living with PD. Ask the Doctor About Parkinson's Disease informs, empowers and reassures readers with solutions and advice to their most pressing concerns. No topic is too simple or too complex. Written by two of the most recognised experts in the field, Drs Okun and Fernandez answer questions in easy-to-understand language and address topics such as: Is Parkinson's Disease hereditary? Can stem cells cure Parkinson's Disease? Why don't the drugs work for my walking problem? Why is a virus safe as a treatment for Parkinson's Disease? Is there a drug that protects against the disease's progression? I have all the symptoms of PD but no tremor, can I still have the disease? And much more Ask the Doctor About Parkinson's Disease is the perfect reference for individuals living with PD, or for loved ones too embarrassed to ask questions.
Preface, 1. Parkinson's Disease: What Is It?, 2. Adjusting to Life With Parkinson's Disease, 3. Motor Symptoms, 4. Nonmotor Symptoms, 5. Pharmacological Approaches to Treatment, 6. Alternative and Complementary Approaches to Treatment, 7. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Treatment, 8. Surgical Approaches to Treatment, 9. Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, Transplants, and Other Medical Treatments 10. Ten Things on the Horizon for Treating Parkinson's Disease, Appendix, Resources, Further Reading, About the Authors, Index
Readers of Ask the Doctor about Parkinson's Disease will find practical tips and advice from expert neurologists which they can continually refer back to for timely answers. Every person living with this challenging disease can use this as a handy reference book for in-between doctor appointments. Drs. Okun and Fernandez continue to provide in-depth, understandable solutions in this useful companion to the online discussion corner."-- Joyce Oberdorf President and CEO of the National Parkinson Foundation "Covering abundant information,this is a great resource for educated and motivated patients and family members who want to know everything about Parkinson's." -- Library Journal Xpress Reviews
Uitgavejaar 2009
ISBN 9781932603811
Verschijningsdatum 1 sep. 2009
Omvang 200
Auteur(s) Michael Okun Hubert Fernandez
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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