Assessing Individuals with Disabilities

Assessing Individuals with Disabilities in Education, Counseling and Employment Settings

  • Ruth B. Ekstrom
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A reference for testing professionals as they face the challenge of how best to assess and test people with disabilities. It begins with a review of the legal and psychometric issues that must be considered. Next the contributors describe frequently used testing accommodations, documentation of accommodations, and how to report scores when accommodations are used. The contributors then cover issues that are of special concern in clinical and counselling settings, in educational settings, and in assessment for employment, certification and licensing. Throughout the volume the authors emphasize equity as the basis for accommodations.
Testing Individuals With Disabilities: Reconciling Social Science And Social Policy - Diana Pullin - The Psychometrics of Testing Individuals With Disabilities - Kurt F. Geisinger, Gwyneth Boodoo, and Julie Noble - Types of Commonly Requested Accommodations - Peter Behuniak - Documentation - Nicholas A. Vacc and Nancy T. Tippins - The Decision-Making Process for Developing Testing Accommodations - Douglas K. Smith - Score Reporting Issues in the Assessment of People With Disabilities: Policies and Practices - William A. Membrens and Ruth B. Ekstrom - The Clinical Assessment of People With Disabilities - William E. Foote - Counseling Assessment - Janet E. Helms and Ruth B. Ekstrom - Large-Scale Educational Assessment - Peter Behuniak, Carole Perlman, and Audrey Qualls - Individual Norm-Referenced Ability Testing - Douglas K. Smith and Donald L. Stovall - Postsecondary Admissions Testing - Julie Noble, Wayne Camara, and John Fremer - Testing Individuals With Disabilities in the Employment Context: An Overview of Issues and Practice - Wanda J. Campbell and Heather Roberts Fox - Disability Non-Discrimination in the Employment Process: The Role for Testing Professionals - Susanne M. Bruyere - The Americans With Disabilities Act and Employment Testing - Nancy T. Tippins - Issues of Special Concern in Licensing and Certification - Michael Rosenfeld, Shelby Kaiser, and Sharon Goldsmith - Resources for Further Information About the Assessment of Individuals With Disabilities - Janet E. Wall
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9781557988744
Verschijningsdatum 1 mrt. 2002
Omvang 312
Auteur(s) Ruth B. Ekstrom
Taal Engels
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