Assessment, Equity, and Opportunity to Learn

  • Edited by Pamela Moss
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Providing all students with a fair opportunity to learn (OTL) is perhaps the most pressing issue facing U.S. education. Moving beyond conventional notions of OTL - as access to content, often content tested; access to resources; or access to instructional processes - the authors reconceptualize OTL in terms of interaction among learners and elements of their learning environments. Drawing on socio-cultural, sociological, psychometric, and legal perspectives, this book provides historical critique, theory and principles, and concrete examples of practice through which learning, teaching, and assessment can be re-envisioned to support fair OTL for all students. It offers educators, researchers, and policy analysts new to socio-cultural perspectives an engaging introduction to fresh ideas for conceptualizing, enhancing, and assessing OTL; encourages those who already draw on socio-cultural resources to focus attention on OTL and assessment; and nurtures collaboration among members of discourse communities who have rarely engaged one another's work.
1. Introduction Edward Haertel, Pamel Moss, Diana Pullin and James Gee; 2. Assessment through the lens of 'opportunity to learn' Diana Pullin and Edward Haertel; 3. A sociological perspective on opportunity to learn and assessment Hugh (Bud) Mehan; 4. A sociocultural perspective on opportunity to learn James Paul Gee; 5. Individualizing assessment and opportunity to learn: lessons from the education of students with disabilities Diana Pullin; 6. Cultural modeling as opportunity to learn: making problem solving explicit in culturally robust classrooms and implications for assessment Carol D. Lee; 7. Opportunities to learn in practice and identity James G. Greeno and Melissa S. Gresalfi; 8. Game-like learning: an example of situation learning and implications for opportunity to learn James Paul Gee; 9. Sociocultural implications for assessment I: classroom assessment Pamela A. Moss; 10. Issues of structure and issues of scale in assessment from a situative/sociocultural perspective Robert J. Mislevy; 11. Sociocultural implications for assessment II: professional learning, evaluation, and accountability Pamela A. Moss, Brian J. Girard and James G. Greeno; 12. Assessment, equity, and opportunity to learn Diana Pullin.
Uitgavejaar 2008
ISBN 9780521880459
Serie Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive and Computational Perspectives
Verschijningsdatum 1 apr. 2008
Omvang 384
Auteur(s) Edited by Pamela Moss
Taal Engels
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