Behavioral, Social, and Emotional Assess

  • Kenneth W. Merrell
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Written to provide a comprehensive foundation for conducting clinical assessment of child and adolescent social-emotional behaviour in a practical, scientific and culturally appropriate manner, this book can be used as both a rigorous graduate level training textbook and a practical reference book for professionals. It is specifically relevant to pracitioners and researchers in the fields of school psychology and clinical child psychology, but will also be of interest to those in related disciplines, such as counselling, social work, child psychiatry and special education. This comprehensive volume is divided into two major parts. Part 1 provides a general foundation for assessment practice and part 2 includes chapters regarding applications for assessing specific social-emotional behaviour domains, including externalizing and internalizing problems, social skills and peer relations, young children, and diverse cultural groups. Together these two sections provide a framework for a model of assessment that is practical, flexible, sensitive to specific needs, and empirically sound. To the greatest extent possible, research evidence and common application issues are weaved together in a scholarly yet practical manner. This volume provides a model for comprehensive assessment practice, scientific evaluation of classic and recently developed assessment methods and instruments, and state-of-the-art information on developments in assessment technology for child and adolescent psychopathology. It is a valuable resource for practitioners and researchers who are interested in behavioural, social and emotional problems of children and youth.
Part 1 Foundations and Methods of Assessment: Foundations of Assessment; Assessment and Classification; Direct Behavioural Observation; Behaviour Rating Scales; Clinical Interviewing; Sociometric Techniques; Self-Report Instruments; Projective-Expressive Techniques. Part 2 Assessment of Specific Problems, Competencies and Populations: Assessment of Externalizing Problems; Assessment of Internalizing Problems; Assessment of Other Behavioural Social and Emotional Problems; Assessment of Social Skills and Peer Relations; Assessment of Young Children; Assessment and Cultural Diversity; Appendices - Sources for Published Assessment Instruments; Sample Assessment Reports.
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780805828863
Verschijningsdatum 1 jul. 2007
Omvang 472
Auteur(s) Kenneth W. Merrell
Taal Engels

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