Being Lived by My Life

  • Charles Berg
€ 105,43
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  • Verwacht 20 december 2021
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Originally published in 1957, this book was a new departure in autobiographies. It is both enlightening and entertaining. There is a happy blending of narrative, reflection and occasional extracts from case histories which gives it a delightfully human character. But it is more than this. It is a story of the profound inward adventure of an exceptionally inquiring mind. From childhood to professional maturity it proceeds through economic difficulties, love and tribulation to science and general medical practice. It tells how Dr Berg became so convinced of the psychogenesis of human suffering that, with great courage, he gave up his practice and personal security to search for the causes in mental conflict. The story proceeds through specialisation in psychiatry to analytical training and analytic practice, building up in the later chapters to a description of the troubled mind in all its manifestations, and of the medical analyst's daily work. There is a new explanation of the psychology of love with the inclusion of personal as well as professional experiences. Here, as throughout, conclusions have an astonishing difference from orthodox or familiar speculation, and this is because they are based strictly on knowledge, professional and personal. The style is natural, lively and lucid. Here is an opportunity to combine learning with entertainment for Dr Berg has an extraordinary flair for presenting difficult things attractively, without sacrifice of scientific essentials. This book is a re-issue originally published in 1957. The language used is a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication.
1. Holiday in Polzeath 2. Genesis 3. School and Neuralgia 4. Winifred in Wales 5. Winifred in Hampstead 6. Medical School 7. Play 8. 1914 9. India and Maternity 10. General Practice 11. Psychogenesis 12. Analysis 13. Love and Marriage 14. Becoming an Analyst 15. The Mental Hospital 16. The Patients 17. The Psychology of Love 18. Happiness and Relaxation. Glossary.
For the original publication: 'I found the book light, stimulating and enjoyable - as no doubt it was intended to be ... it is only a pity that more analysts can't let their hair down so amusingly.' - Sunday Times
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9781032171296
Serie Collected Works of Charles Berg
Verschijningsdatum 20 dec. 2021
Omvang 256
Auteur(s) Charles Berg
Reeksnummer 5
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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