Belonging After Brain Injury

  • Katie H. Williams
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  • Beschikbaar vanaf 26 december 2022
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Captures the importance of belonging and the need for social connectedness- a key driver for positive adjustment post-injury. Highlights the issues around how people with brain injuries are 'managed' in a residential home environment that is predominantly intended for elderly and frail individuals. Covers a decades-long timespan of a survivor of brain injury. Provides much needed support for patients and family members adjusting to life after brain injury.
0. Introduction. 1. Obtaining Consent. 2. Correcting the Record. 3. Dan's Life: 1960-1984. 4. Dan's Life: 1984-2006. 5. Life at Trinity Village: 2006-2017. 6. Crossing the Rubicon. 7. New Normal. 8. Finding Agape. 9. Newer Normal. 10. The Power of Belongingness. 11. Epilogue. 12. Index.
Uitgavejaar 2022
ISBN 9781032374475
Serie After Brain Injury: Survivor Stories
Verschijningsdatum 26 dec. 2022
Omvang 192
Auteur(s) Katie H. Williams
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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