Brain Fetal and Infant

Current Research on Normal and Abnormal Development

  • S.R. Berenberg
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1. Lipids of chick retina during ontogenesis.- 2. Protein synthesis by differentiating neuroblasts and glioblasts in cell culture: a model system for analysis of genetic neurologic disease.- 3. Morphologic maturation of the brain: a quantitative study.- 4. Factors contributing to abnormal neuronal development in the cerebral cortex of the human infant.- 5. Assessment and significance of behavioural states.- 6. Sleep behavior: genetic regulation.- 7. Developmental plasticity in the visual cortex.- 8. Language representation and brain development.- 9. Zinc and the developing nervous system: toxic effects of zinc on the central nervous system of the preweanling rabbit.- 10. Morphologic and biochemical effects of hormones on the developing nervous system in mammals.- 11. Effects of drugs, narcotics and toxins on the chemical maturation of the infant brain.- 12. Toxic effects of elevated oxygen tension on brain maturation.- 13. Nerve growth factor.- 14. Viral infections and brain development.- 15. Infectious and immunologic diseases affecting the developing nervous system.- 16. Biochemical aspects of the maturation of serotoninergic neurons in the rat brain.- 17. The development of central catecholamine neuron systems: some implications for disease.- 18. Developmental retardation in rat brain after perinatal seizures.- 19. Pathophysiologic basis for the selective vulnerability of the immature rat brain to seizures.- 20. Post-natal seizures clinical effects.- 21. Specific postnatal threats to brain development: dendritic changes.- 22. Metabolic aspects of cerebral anoxia-asphyxia in the fetus and newborn.- 23. Postnatal maturation of the local cerebral circulation.- 24. Methods for promoting functional recovery following brain damage.
Uitgavejaar 1978
ISBN 9789024720224
Verschijningsdatum 31 jan. 1978
Omvang 369
Editie 1978 ed.
Auteur(s) S.R. Berenberg
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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