Brain Stimulation Therapies for Clinicians

  • Edmund S. Higgins Mark S. George Michael R. Trimble
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Brain stimulation -- focally applying electricity to the brain -- is a field with a rapidly expanding and promising array of techniques, which already have proven efficacy in treating conditions ranging from Parkinson's disease to chronic and acute pain to depression. Comprehensively surveying the landscape of current practice, Brain Stimulation Therapies for Clinicians provides a clear and straightforward analysis of the many therapeutic applications, along with the technologies and techniques involved in each. The book begins with a thoughtful, and occasionally macabre, history of electrical stimulation of the brain. The authors then provide an accessible and concise overview of electricity and its effects on the brain. The essence of the book, though, is its thorough exploration of the clinical applications of electrical stimulation. Brain Stimulation Therapies for Clinicians covers the wide range of existing electrical stimulation therapies, including electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), deep brain stimulation (DBS), and a host of other clinical applications. Each chapter examines a particular therapy, including its history, an overview of the techniques involved, its clinical indications, side effects, and a critical review of the literature surrounding its efficacy. Designed as an approachable and thorough reference for the practicing clinician, the book includes many features to assist in evaluating the variety of stimulation therapies. The book as a whole is an excellent-quick start guide to help practitioners make informed choices about brain stimulation therapies. The background on the basics of electricity is useful for those not intimately familiar with these concepts. A thorough glossary helps the clinician navigate the jargon and decode the alphabet soup surrounding current practice. Clear and useful diagrams and schematics illustrate all essential points. Interesting sidebars highlight fascinating and occasionally amusing potential applications of brain stimulation techniques -- and offer a glimpse into the sometimes grim history of human brain experimentation. The authors' careful attention to evidence-based literature helps clinicians determine which techniques have proven efficacy and which claims are unsupported. Each chapter features a comprehensive bibliography of references for further reading. Brain Stimulation Therapies for Clinicians is an essential reference for any clinician, or even potential patient, interested in understanding electrical stimulation as therapy.
About the AuthorsForewordPrefaceAcknowledgmentsChapter 1. IntroductionChapter 2. Basic ElectricityChapter 3. Electrical BrainChapter 4. Electroconvulsive TherapyChapter 5. Vagus Nerve StimulationChapter 6. Transcranial Magnetic StimulationChapter 7. Deep Brain Stimulation and Cortical StimulationChapter 8. Transcranial Direct Current StimulationChapter 9. Other TechniquesAppendix by DiseaseAppendix by Stimulation MethodIndex
This is an excellent and readable introductory book on brain stimulation therapies for clinicians. All clinicians who treat individuals with serious psychiatric disorders should be familiar with this information. I highly recommend this book. * Doody Enterprises, Inc. * This is a book that has the potential to be helpful to a wide range of clinical who treat psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. But perhaps what is most valuble about this book is the fact that it offers medication management strategies that are based on the authors' experience are wisdom. With some effort and a good library, facts, studies and general knowledge are relatively easy to obtain. However, to be able have the equivalent of immediate supervision from these very experienced clinicians is truly a special contribution to this filed. * Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology *
Uitgavejaar 2008
ISBN 9781585622801
Verschijningsdatum 30 nov. 2008
Omvang 203
Auteur(s) Edmund S. Higgins Mark S. George Michael R. Trimble
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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