Breaking Hearts

  • Roy F. Baumeister Sara R. Wotman
€ 68,47
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Throughout history, unrequited love has inspired ballads, arias, poetry, drama, and literature. Almost always, however, the tale of the star-crossed lovers has been told from the point of view of the heartbroken pursuer. This illuminating new work explores unrequited love from both sides--that of the aspiring and eventually brokenhearted lover, and more unusually, that of the beloved, unwilling rejector. Based on systematically collected first-person accounts, BREAKING HEARTS shows how radically different and often contradictory the two experiences actually are.
Contents: The Psychology of Heartbreak: An Introduction. Perspectives on Heartbreak. The Emotional Crossfire. The Ups and Downs of Self-Esteem. Guilt, Justification, Morality: Struggling with Right and Wrong. What Actually Happened? Lessons Learned and Mysteries Glimpsed. Conclusion: The Two Sides of Heartbreak.
Uitgavejaar 1992
ISBN 9780898625431
Serie Emotions and Social Behavior
Verschijningsdatum 9 dec. 1992
Omvang 241
Auteur(s) Roy F. Baumeister Sara R. Wotman
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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