Brocklehurst s Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology

  • R.C. Tallis
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This new edition of Brocklehurst's "Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology" builds on the structure and content of previous editions. Four sections cover gerontology, clinical geriatric medicine, problem-based geriatrics, and health systems and geriatric medicine. The most important feature of this new edition is the increased emphasis on clinical practice - practising geriatricians will be able to turn to Brocklehurst's sixth edition and easily find the answer to both common and rarer clinical problems.
SECTION ONE: Gerontology 1. Preventive and Anticipatory Care 2. The Epidemiology of Aging 3. Health and Life Expectancy 4. Evolution Theory and the Mechanisms of Aging: 5. Genetic Mechanisms 6. Cellular Mechanisms of Aging 7. Physiology of Aging 8. Connective Tissues and Aging 9. Clinical Immunology of Aging 10. Normal Cognitive Aging 11. The Aging Personality and Self 12. The Pharmacology of Aging 13. Ani-aging Interventions 14. Biology of Aging 15. Social Gerontology 16. Methodologic Problems in Research on Aging 17. Productive Aging 18. Successful Aging 19. Social Gerontology SECTION TWO: Geriatric Medicine - Basic Principles of Clinical Geriatrics 20. Health Promotion and Physical Activity 21. Rehabilitation 22. Palliative Care 23. Ethical Issues in Geriatric Medicine 24. Presentation of Disease in Old Age 25. Multidimensional Geriatric Assessment 26. Biochemical Tests 27. Social Assessment of Geriatric Patients 28. Surgery and Anesthesia in Old Age Cardiovascular Disease 29. Effects of Aging on the Heart 30. Cardiovascular Signs in Old Age 31. Atherosclerosis and Lipid Metabolism 32. Chronic Cardiac Failure in the Elderly 33. Diagnosis and Management of Ischemic Heart Disease in the Elderly 34. Hypertension 35. Valvular Heart Disease in Old Age 36. Cardiac Arrhythmias 37. Vascular Surgery 38. Venous Thrombotic Disease and Varicose Ulcers The Nervous System 39. Neurobiology of Aging 40. Neurologic Signs in Old Age 41. Epilepsy 42. Syncope 43. Headache and Facial Pain 44. Stroke - Pathology and Epidemology 45. Stroke - Clinical Presentation and Management 46. Stroke - Organization of Services 47. Disorders of the Autonomic Nervous System 48. Parkinsonism and Other Movement Disorders 49. Myasthenic Syndromes 50. Peripheral Neuropathies in the Elderly 51. Intracranial Tumors 52. Disorders of the Spinal Cord and Nerve Roots 53. Head Trauma in the Geriatric Patient 54. Infections of the Central Nervous System 55. Aging and Disorders of the Eye 56. Disorders of Hearing 57. Disturbances of Homeostasis 58. Delirium 59. Classification of the Dementias 60. Dementia: Clinical Presentation and Management 61. Functional Psychiatric Illness in Old Age 62. Depression 63. Alzheimers Disease 64. Vascular Dementia 65. Psychology in the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Dementias 66. Overview - Geriatric Gastroenterology 67. Aging and the Orofacial Tissues 68. The Upper Gastrointestinal Tract 69. The Pancreas 70. The Liver 71. Biliary Tract Disease 72. The Small Bowel 73. The Large Bowel 74. Nutrition 75. Obesity The Urinary Tract 76. Aging of the Urinary Tract 77. Diseases of the Aging Kidney 78. The Prostate: Replace author Womens Health 79. Gynecologic Disorders in the Elderly 80. Carcinoma of the Breast Endocrinology 81. Aging and the Endocrine System 82. Pituitary and Adrenal Disorders in Old Age 83. Disorders of the Thyroid 84. Disorders of the Para
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780443070877
Serie Brocklehurst's Textbook of Geriatric Medicine & Gerontology
Verschijningsdatum 1 dec. 2002
Omvang 1576
Editie 6Rev ed
Auteur(s) R.C. Tallis
Taal Engels

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