Bully Prevention

Tips and Strategies for School Leaders and Classroom Teachers

  • Elizabeth A. Barton
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'This book has numerous practical and relevant suggestions. It could be purchased for an entire staff and used for a faculty book study' - Judy Brunner, Principal, Parkview High School, Springfield, MO, and Co-Founder of EDU-SAFE 'This is not just another book delineating the problem. It gives answers! It is easy to read, and the perfect length. I would recommend this book to any administrator or classroom teacher' - Ruth Gharst, Assistant Administrator, Heatherstone Elementary, Olathe, KS We've seen it too many times-the weak, lonely child being tormented by an aggressive, powerful bully. The result is a damaging outcome for the victim, bully, and school community at large. Bully Prevention, Second Edition, addresses the growing concern of bullying and violence by offering updated strategies for developing social skills, resolving conflicts and intervening in bullying situations.Providing techniques for immediate implementation in both elementary and secondary classrooms, this resource includes: o Explanations of the relationships between bullies, victims, and witnesses o Case studies and vignettes o Role plays for use with students o Guidelines for intervening in bullying situations By using these tools to plan and implement anti-bullying programs, educators can increase the safety of all their students.
Preface Publisher's Acknowledgments About the Author 1. The Bully, Victim, and Witness Relationship Defined Bullying Defined The Role of Conflict and Aggression The Bully-Victim-Witness Relationship Research Findings on Bullies and Victims Summary 2. Origins of Bully-Victim-Witness Behavior Nature Versus Nurture Family Characteristics Individual Characteristics School and Classroom Characteristics Summary 3. Implementing the Schoolwide Anti-Bullying Program Anti-Bullying Program Development and Implementation Sample Development of Schoolwide Anti-Bullying Programs Anti-Bullying Within the Context of the Safe School Plan Case Study: Flavell Middle School Elements of a Schoolwide Anti-Bullying Plan Summary 4. Strategies for Managing and Preventing Bullying Behavior in the Classroom Management Versus Prevention Techniques Prevention Strategies Curriculum: Process Versus Infusion Classroom Programs to Prevent Bullying Summary 5. Strategies for Intervention Intervening in Bully-Victim Relationships Talking With Families and Caregivers About Bullying Summary 6. Evaluating Anti-Bullying Initiatives The Importance of Evaluation Evaluation Methods Summary 7. Legislation Regarding Bullying Behavior Legal Implications for Schools Legislative Trends Summary References Index
"This book has numerous practical and relevant suggestions. I liked the chapter summaries. The length of the book would appeal to me as a building level principal. This book could be purchased for a
Uitgavejaar 2006
ISBN 9781412939188
Verschijningsdatum 2 jul. 2006
Omvang 144
Auteur(s) Elizabeth A. Barton
Taal Engels
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