Cambridge Medical Reviews: Neurobiology and Psychiatry

  • Robert Kerwin David Dawbarn James McCulloch
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This book was originally published in 1993. At the time of publication, the neurobiological basis of psychiatric disorder was a rapidly expanding field of study, primarily as a result of developments in the basic neurosciences. Neurobiology and Psychiatry served as a regular forum for evaluation and dissemination of information in this fundamental field of biological psychiatry. Topics selected for review illustrated the application of a range of neurobiological techniques to major psychiatric disorders, providing an in-depth review of work in this field. The intended readership included established research workers in the field, postgraduate psychiatrists, psychiatric trainees and other clinical and laboratory workers.
Contributors; Preface; 1. Molecular genetics and the major psychoses M. Gill and C. Walsh; 2. Alzheimer's disease and the ss-amyloid persecutor protein J. Hardy; 3. The biochemistry of tau proteins in Alzheimer's disease J. M. Gallo; 4. Cytoarchtectonic and developmental studies in schizophrenia P. Falkai and B. Bogerts; 5. Neuroendocrine developments in psychiatric research J. A. Bearn and P. W. Raven; 6. From antibody to gene in schizophrenia: a review of the technology and a progress report W. G. Honer and J. L. Kennedy; 7. Neurotrophins and neurodegenerative disease D. Dawbarn, S. J. Allen and H. MacGowan; 8. The biology of mental handicap A. J. Holland; 9. HIV infection and the brain: an examination of clinical and pathological effects I. P. Peverell and P. L. Lantos; 10. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy: applications in psychiatry M. S. Keshavan and J. W. Pettigrew; Index.
."..this volume contains excellent, in-depth reviews of diverse and timely topics in neurobiology and psychiatry." Daniel G. Herrera, Am J Psychiatry
Uitgavejaar 1993
ISBN 9780521434836
Verschijningsdatum 18 nov. 1993
Omvang 238
Auteur(s) Robert Kerwin David Dawbarn James McCulloch
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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