Child Abuse and Neglect

  • John T. Pardeck
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  • Verwacht 23 december 2021
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First Published in 1989, Child Abuse and Neglect attempts to focus on the problem of child maltreatment by using a multidisciplinary approach. It presents findings from the fields of psychiatry, psychology, education, sociology, and social work from a broad theoretical perspective. Both micro and macro approaches are stressed in the work, with particular emphasis on social factors related to child abuse and neglect, characteristics of adults and families likely to abuse and neglect and interesting strategies of treatment including family therapy. Professionals actively involved in research and theory building, as well as those who work directly with abused and neglected children will find this book a useful form of reference.
Introduction to the Series Roy Evans 1. Child Abuse and Neglect: Theory, Research and Practice John T. Pardeck 2. Ecological Perspectives on Child Maltreatment: Research and Intervention Joan I. Vondra and Sheree L. Toth 3. Variables Associated with Child Maltreatment and Implications for Prevention and Treatment Larry R. Hamilton 4. The Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect R. Kim Oates 5. Clinical Assessment Instruments in the Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect Phyllis T. Howing, John S. Wodarski, James W. Gavdin, Jr and P. David Kurtz 6. Applications and Limitations of the Child Abuse Potential Inventory Joel S. Milner 7. Assessing and Treating High-risk Parenting Attitudes Stephen J. Bavolek 8. Process and Outcome: Evaluation of the Sexual Abuse Treatment Project Arnold J. Love 9. Behavioral Characteristics of Maltreatment among Runaway and Homeless Youth Jane Levine Powers, Barbara Jaklitsch, and John Eckenrode 10. Child Abuse: An Ecological Perspective Vernon R. Wiehe 11. Family Therapy as a Treatment Approach to Child Maltreatment John T. Pardeck 12. The S.A. T. P. The Psychodynamic Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse Hanna McDonough 13. Heart's Wish Lethonee A. Jones Notes on Contributors Author Index Subject Index
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9781032152455
Serie Psychology Revivals
Verschijningsdatum 23 dec. 2021
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Auteur(s) John T. Pardeck
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