Client-Centered Reasoning

Narratives of People with Mental Illness

  • Pat Precin
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Due to the nature of psychiatric illnesses, which do not lend themselves to standard treatment procedures, the therapists working with people with mental issues must have strong clinical reasoning skills. This book can be the first step to helping therapists gain the clinical reasoning skills that will enable them to provide effective mental health treatment.
Client Centered Reasoning Ingredients; Suicide: It Could Happen to You; We are People Too, Same Wants and Needs as You; Order in the Court: Clients Rights; Am I Mark When I Am Manic: Personality and Functional Changes due to Mental Illness; I Feel Like I Am 200 Years Old: Physical Pains of Mental Illness; Rock Bottom: The Lowest Point in My Life; There is Nothing Wrong with Me: Denial and Other Defenses; You Can Make It On Broken Pieces: The Experience of Psychosocial Distress; Depression: Losses, Loneliness, and Intervention; Substance Abuse: Triggers, Recovery, and Relapse; Violence, Aggression and Hypersexuality; Analysis of Logs I: Growth Throughout the Internship; Analysis of Logs II: Writing Between the Lines
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780750673747
Verschijningsdatum 1 mei 2002
Omvang 230
Auteur(s) Pat Precin
Taal Engels

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