Clinical Forensic Psychology

  • Carlo Garofalo Jelle J. Sijtsema
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  • Verwacht 4 november 2021
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This book represents a comprehensive collection of theoretical and empirical work at the nexus of clinical and forensic psychology written by world-renowned experts in the field. It is among the first books in the field to focus entirely on clinical psychological science applied to the understanding and treatment of offending. Part I addresses the main theoretical and clinical models used to explain and predict antisocial behavior, spanning biological, cognitive, experimental, individual differences, and interpersonal perspectives. Part II focuses on forms of psychopathology associated with an increased tendency to offend, with the emphasis on describing the clinical constructs most relevant for forensic psychology. Each chapter describes the clinical characteristics of one form of psychopathology, their assessment, their links with antisocial behavior, and treatment considerations. Part III focuses on different types of offense or offender groups as starting points. This perspective has relevance since many criminal justice and forensic mental health systems allocate offenders to interventions based on their index offense (or history of offenses). Finally, Part IV addresses the application of clinical psychology in the service of assessment and treatment in forensic settings. It includes the state of the art on diagnostic and risk assessment, as well as both widely used and recently developed interventions. This book is an excellent resource for students at both Bachelor's and Master's level, while also representing a comprehensive handbook for experienced researchers and practitioners.
Series Editors Preface Editors Preface 1. History of forensic psychology (Jacqueline Helfgott & Joslyn Wallenborn) PART 1: UNDERPINNINGS OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR 2. Antisocial behavior prevention: Towards a developmental biopsychosocial perspective (Rene Carbonneau & Richard Tremblay)3. Cardiovascular Psychophysiology and Antisocial Behavior (Presley McGarry & Jill Portnoy)4. Moral-Cognitive Delay and Distortions(John Gibbs)5. Emotion and Emotion regulation (Carlo Garofalo)6. Basic personality traits perspective (Donald Lynam & Josh Miller)7. Callous-unemotional traits and empathy (Sophie Alshukri, Kerry Lewis, and Luna Centifanti)8. Narratives Roles of Criminal Actions (David Canter & Donna Youngs)9. Attachment theory and offending (Gwen Adshead & Estella Moore)10. Influences of peer relationships and romantic partners on antisocial behavior (Jelle Sijtsema) PART 2: PSYCHOPATHOLOGY AND DEVIANT BEHAVIOR 11. Antisocial personality disorder (Jessica Yakeley)12. Borderline personality disorder Among Justice-involved Populations (Madison Smith, Rachelle Kromash, Shania Siebert, Genevieve Allison, & Kelly Moore)13. Narcissistic personality disorder and Deviant Behavior (Tiffany Russel, Samantha Holdren, & Elsa Ronningstam) 14. Schizophrenia Spectrum, other Psychotic Disorders and Violence (Zhaorong Song, Rhiannon Corcoran, & Steven Gillespie)15. Psychopathy (Matt DeLisi)16. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Offending (Suzan Young & Kelly Cocallis)17. Substance use, abuse and disorder within forensic psychiatry (Malin Hildebrand Karlen)18. Offenders with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (John Taylor) PART 3: OFFENDING BEHAVIORS 19. Forms and Functions of Aggression (Morsal Yusoufzai & Jill Lobbestael)20. Juvenile offenders (Michael Vaughn, Leslie Sattler, & Katherine Holzer)21. Adult Perpetrated Firesetting (Nichola Tyler & Magali-Fleur Bernoux)22. Adult male contact sexual offenders: Challenges in classification and theoretical perspectives (Mirthe Noteborn)23. Homicide and Mental Disorder (Pauline Aarten & Marieke Liem)24. Domestic violence: Intimate partner violence, Child maltreatment, and Co-occurrence (Sara Nichols & Amy Slep) PART 4: RISK ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT 25. Violence Risk Assessment: Research and Practice (Corine De Ruijter & Martin Hildebrand)26. Using the MMPI-3 in forensic assessment (Martin Sellbom, Dustin Wygant, Anthony Tarescavage, & Yossef Ben-Porath)27. The Good Lives Model: A Strength-Based Approach to Rehabilitating Offenders (Mary Barnao)28. Culpability and accountability: The insanity defense (Gerben Meynen & Johannes Bijlsma)29. Common psychological treatments used to address criminal behavior (Michael Daffern, Nina Papalia, Emily Stevenson, & Stuart Thomas)30. Forensic Schema Therapy and SafePath: Individual- and Milieu-Therapy Approaches for Complex Personality Disorders and Externalizing Behavior Problems (David Bernstein, Marjolein van Wijk-Herbrink, & Truus Kersten)31. Ethical issues in forensic psychology (Gwen Adshead & Estella Moore) Index
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9783030808815
Verschijningsdatum 4 nov. 2021
Editie 1st ed. 2022
Auteur(s) Carlo Garofalo Jelle J. Sijtsema
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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