Clinical Guide to Mental Disability Evaluations

  • Liza H. Gold, Donna L. Vanderpool
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Disability evaluations are the most common clinical mental health evaluations conducted for nontreatment purposes. They place mental health professionals in the role of communicating information that is typically confidential to administrative and legal systems. Unfortunately, mental health professionals receive little to no training in conducting assessments that focus on disability and disability management, and often do not understand the implications and risks of providing this information, especially without conducting what are often specialized evaluations. Clinical Guide to Mental Health Disability Evaluations is geared for general mental health practitioners, providing them with the basic information needed to competently provide the various types of disability evaluations. It also provides enough information to inform forensic mental health providers in conducting more specialized evaluations.
Mental Health Disability: A Model for Assessment.- Legal and Ethical Issues in Providing Mental Health Disability Evaluations.- What should I do? When Patients Seek Disability Documentation.- Weighing Work Accommodations, Work Withdrawal, and Return to Work.- Psychological Testing in Workplace Disability Evaluations.- Malingering and Mental Health Disability Evaluations.- Social Security Disability Insurance Evaluations: Treating Clinicians and Consultative Examiners.- Workers' Compensation Evaluations.- Long-term Disability Evaluations for Private Insurers.- The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act in Disability Evaluations.- Workplace Violence Evaluations and the Americans with Disabilities Act.- Fitness for Duty Evaluations.- Fitness for Duty Evaluations of Physicians and Health Care Professionals: Treating Providers and Protecting the Public.- Fitness for Duty Evaluations of Law Enforcement Officers.
From the reviews: "The book begins by addressing some of the most basic questions about how to handle requests for disability evaluations and general assessment of the issues, and flows methodically through evaluative issues ... . Chapters end with a concise, but relevant, reference section, as well as sections of key points and conclusions. ... can offer clinicians the opportunity to serve their patients and everyone else involved in these procedures more productively and comprehensively." (Steven T. Herron, Doody's Book Reviews, June, 2013)
Uitgavejaar 2013
ISBN 9781461454465
Verschijningsdatum 11 jan. 2013
Omvang 394
Redactie Liza H. Gold, Donna L. Vanderpool
Editie 2013 ed.
Auteur(s) Liza H. Gold Donna L. Vanderpool
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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