Clinical Introduction to Psychosis

  • Johanna C Badcock Georgie Paulik
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This practical guide outlines the latest advances in understanding and treating psychotic symptoms and disorders, articulating step-by-step the clinical skills and knowledge required to effectively treat this patient population. A Clinical Introduction to Psychosis takes an evidence-based approach that encourages a wider perspective on clinical practice, with chapters covering stigma and bias, cultural factors, the importance of social functioning, physical health, sleep, and more. A broad array of treatment modalities are discussed, including cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive remediation, psychosocial interventions, trauma-informed therapies, and recovery-oriented practice. The book also provides a concise overview of the latest advances regarding cognitive profiles in people with psychotic disorders, the developmental progression of cognitive abilities, and the clinical relevance of cognitive dysfunction. The book additionally familiarizes readers with issues and controversies surrounding diagnostic classification, transdiagnostic expression, and dimensional assessment of symptoms in psychosis.
SECTION 1 - THE BASICS 1. What is psychosis? Part One: Lived experience perspectives Past, present and future - Clair de La Lune My Hidden Superpower - Evie Glasshouse Part Two: Current conceptualisation of psychosis - Clinical and research perspectives 2. Models of Schizophrenia. A Selective Review of Genetic, Neuropharmacological, Cognitive and Social Approaches 3. Understanding the Impact of Mental Health Stigma and the Role of Clinicians as Allie 4. Culture and psychosis in clinical practice 5. The recovery model and psychosis SECTION 2 - ASSESSMENT 6. Symptom assessment and psychosis 7. Negative symptoms and their assessment in schizophrenia and related disorders 8. Assessing social and non-social cognition in schizophrenia and related disorders 9. Assessing social functioning across the life course in psychosis 10. Trauma, psychosis and post-traumatic stress disorder 11. Effectively Assessing Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Psychosis 12. Benefits, assessment and preferences of physical activity in psychosis 13. Screening and assessment of substance use in psychosis SECTION 3 - LINKING ASSESSMENT TO TREATMENT 14. Clinical case formulation SECTION 4 - THERAPIES 15. Cognitive Behavioural Therapies for Psychosis 16. Third Wave CBT Interventions for Psychosis 17. Cognitive remediation to improve functional outcome 18. Promoting psychosocial functioning and recovery in schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders 19. Trauma informed therapies 20. Better sleep: Evidence-based interventions 21. Get moving: physical activity and exercise for mental health 22. Treating comorbid substance use and psychosis 23. A brief guide to medications for psychosis 24. Get in early: Early intervention services for psychotic symptoms SECTION 5 - NEW DIRECTIONS IN RESEARCH AND PRACTICE 25. Beyond belief: new approaches to the treatment of paranoia 26. Being a scientist-practitioner in the field of psychosis: Experiences from voices clinics 27. The therapeutic use of digital technologies in psychosis 28. Tracking language in real time in psychosis 29. Integrating lived experience perspectives into clinical practice
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9780128150122
Verschijningsdatum 18 okt. 2019
Omvang 742
Auteur(s) Johanna C Badcock Georgie Paulik
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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