Cognitive Approaches in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

  • Xavier Seron Ge rard Deloche
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Originally published in 1989, presenting a new perspective on cognitive therapy in neuropsychology, these papers examine a cognitively-oriented, single-case methodology in neuropsychological rehabilitation. The recommended strategy is in-depth analysis of the precise nature of the impaired as well as the preserved processing components in the individual patient. The objective is to design a therapeutic course based on individual patient needs that is justified by the theoretical interpretation of the location of the deficit in his or her cognitive architecture.
Introduction Xavier Seron and Gerard Deloche 1. Spontaneous Recovery and Language Rehabilitation Anna Basso 2. Models for Therapy David Howard and Karalyn Patterson 3. Some Issues in the Neuropsychological Rehabilitation of Anomia Ruth Lesser 4. Reorganization Therapy for Memory Impairments Martial Van der Linden and Marie-Anne Van der Kaa 5. A Treatment for Surface Dyslexia Max Coltheart and Sally Byng 6. Writing Rehabilitation in Brain-Damaged Adult Patients: A Cognitive Approach Sergio Carlomagno and Vincenzo Parlato 7. Coordination of Two Reorganization Therapies in a Deep Dyslexic Patient with Oral Naming Disorders Noelle Bachy-Langedock and Marie-Pierre de Partz 8. Reeducation of Number Transcoding Mechanisms: A Procedural Approach Gerard Deloche, Xavier Seron and Isabelle Ferrand 9. A Retrospective Analysis of a Single Case Neglect Therapy: A Point of Theory Xavier Seron, Gerard Deloche and Francoise Coyette 10. Pragmatics and Cognition in Treatment of Language Disorders G. Albyn Davis 11. The Emergence of Microcomputer Technology in Neuropsychological Therapies Larry Fisher 12. Cognitive Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation: An Unfulfilled Promise? Alfonso Caramazza. Author Index. Subject Index.
Uitgavejaar 2018
ISBN 9781138594944
Serie Psychology Library Editions: Neuropsychology
Verschijningsdatum 28 aug. 2018
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Auteur(s) Xavier Seron Ge rard Deloche
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