Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice

  • Michael Neenan Stephen Palmer
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  • Verwacht 25 november 2021
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This fully updated second edition of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice explores various aspects of coaching from within a cognitive behavioural framework. In response to the continued growth in the popularity and scope of coaching and cognitive behavioural therapy, Michael Neenan and Stephen Palmer again bring together experts in the field to discuss topics including procrastination, stress, coaching alliance, motivational interviewing, goal selection and self-esteem. The book is illustrated throughout with coach-coachee dialogues that include a commentary of the aims of the coach during the session. This second edition is fully updated and includes three new chapters on single-session coaching, health and wellbeing coaching and coaching supervision. Part of the Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge series, this comprehensive volume will be essential reading for coaches, as well as therapists, counsellors and psychologists.
Preface Foreword - Anthony M Grant Foreword - Prof Suzy Green Introduction 01. Understanding and Tackling Procrastination 02. Motivational Interviewing 03. The Coaching Alliance in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching 04. Socratic Questioning 05. Developing Self-Acceptance Through Coaching 06. Stress and Performance coaching 07. Health and Wellbeing Coaching 08. Developing a Coaching Culture at Work 09. Understanding and Developing Resilience 10. Single-Session Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (SSCBC) 11. Coaching Supervision Afterword Appendices Web resources, professional bodies and training institutes Index
"This second edition of the book Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice is a leap forward in the practice of CBC, highlighting chapters on wellbeing, resilience, stress and many more relevant constructs for a post-Covid era. Mental wellbeing is now top of the agenda for individual and organisational health and wellbeing, which makes this book a 'must read' for anyone practicing or researching cognitive behavioural coaching." Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology & Health at the ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester "Neenan and Palmer, two prolific writers, have produced a readable, practical, and helpful text on applying REBT to coaching. The strength of this lies in the knowledgeable authors who each write on their respective areas of expertise. This book is an excellent resource for practitioners because of the wide variety of topics it covers by experts." Raymond DiGiuseppe, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology St. John's University, New York City, USA "This is an essential reading for anyone who wants to practice coaching, based on the cognitive-behavioural approach. It is a highly practical book which provides an excellent illustration of various applications of cognitive-behavioural coaching. The topic of each chapter is presented by top experts at the international level in the field. All professional coaches and students or allied professionals that want to train in coaching will find this book and excellent resource for evidence-based tools and techniques." Oana A. David, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of the International Coaching Institute at Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, and President of the International Association of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching "This new edition of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice: An Evidence Based Approach maintains the quality and focus of the 1st edition, but also pushes the area forward significantly. The chapters included in the 2nd edition will surely be invaluable to students, trainees, practitioners, and researchers, invested in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. Neenan and Palmer have once again engaged excellent authors in the book to provide a broad and deep insight into the most important facets of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. The book offers a contemporary resource for readers that is based in evidence, and a wealth of practitioner experience." Martin J. Turner, CPsychol., FAREBT (Acad), Reader in Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University, Department of Psychology "We are living in particularly difficult times where uncertainty is profoundly challenging people's ability to cope and maintain a sense of hope. Bias, error and distortion are at the root of our potentially negative thinking and anxiety in such circumstances. Those interested in the helping relationship whether coaches or coaching psychologists need a psychologically minded, evidence-based approach to inform and guide their practice in supporting their clients. This second edition of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice which I highly recommend, certainly provides that." Hugh O'Donovan, CPsychol. P.s.S.I, Principal at HODA, Coaching Psychologist, Author of Mindful Walking and Honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology "How many times during this COVID-19 pandemic as coaches and coaching psychologists do we find ourselves working with our clients on issues such as employees engagement, lack of control, digital stress, new work/life balance, new health and wellbeing topics, self-esteem and self-acceptance, or on the dark side of resilience? How many times from 2020 as practitioners have we resorted to coaching supervision? Nine years after its release, the second edition of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice puts at the service of this transformed world the updated contributions of "highly experienced coaches, some of whom are researchers too." Silvana Dini, Co-founder & Steering Committee member of SCP Italy, ISCP Honorary Vice President, Coaching Psychologist (FISCP Accred), Coaching Supervisor (ISCP Accred), Management Consultant "This book by Neenan and Palmer gives valuable insights into different aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching by bringing together some of the world's most prominent people in the field to share with us their knowledge and experience in the field both in theory and practice. It doesn't matter if you are an experienced coach or new in the field of coaching psychology this book will provide you with highly valuable insights and knowledge in the field that will deepen your understanding of it providing you with effective tools and valuable insights on how to work with cognitive behavioural coaching in different situations. This is a book you will definitely return to on many occasions." P-O Eriksson, Licensed psychologist, founder and chair of Coaching Psychologists, Sweden and Honorary Vice President of International Society for Coaching Psychology "The 2nd edition of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice: An Evidence Based Approach is an essential guide to coaching with the use of evidence-based practice. The first edition was a must-have for anybody willing to be an expert in coaching while relying on specialist psychological knowledge. In the second edition, the existing chapters have been revised and updated and two new ones have been added: on supervision, and health and well-being, which is a clear added value of the publication. I highly recommend the book to be placed on the reference list for any coaching-related university courses as well as I would certainly recommend it to experienced coach and coaching psychologist colleagues." Anna Syrek-Kosowska, ASK Expert, WSB University and Kozminski University, Poland "I highly recommend the second edition of this excellent book. It provides a comprehensive and pragmatic guide to cognitive behavioural coaching, exploring application of the approach in a range of contexts. It is an invaluable resource for coaches, expanding upon the first edition to include the important areas of supervision, and health and wellbeing. It is equally useful to those new to cognitive behavioural coaching, or more experienced coaches who would like to add further depth to their knowledge and practice. Covering personal, health and corporate settings, it combines a strong evidence base with practical tools and techniques." Sheila Panchal, CPsychol., Co-Director of the Centre for Positive Transitions; Leadership and Maternity Coach. "The second edition of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in Practice: An Evidence Based Approach co-edited by Michael Neenan and Stephen Palmer offers latest perspectives on CBC in practice, including stress management, motivation, and performance development. Considering that CBC has been substantially employed in coaching applications, this book is well-suited for practitioners in the field of coaching psychology for the enhancement of their evidence-based practice." Yi-Ling Lai, CPsychol., Birkbeck, University of London "For anyone interested in cognitive behavioural coaching, this book provides an evidence based approach from the global leaders in the field. Some of the post-pandemics most in demand topics are elaborated from the CBC viewpoint, including dealing with procrastination, stress, wellbeing and resilience at work. The best of CBC is packed into chapters on motivational interviewing, Socratic questioning and single session coaching. The book provides a rich resource not only for CBC academics and practitioners, but also for coaches from other modalities who look for an integrative approach in coaching." Jelena Pavlovic, Assistant Professor of Organizational Development and Change, University of Belgrade & Founder at Koucing Centar
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9780367461386
Serie Essential Coaching Skills and Knowledge
Verschijningsdatum 25 nov. 2021
Omvang 280
Editie 2nd New edition
Auteur(s) Michael Neenan Stephen Palmer
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