Collected Works of Charles Berg

  • Charles Berg
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  • Verwacht 20 december 2021
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Charles Berg (1892-1957) trained medically at St Thomas's Hospital, but before he could qualify the First World War broke out. He served in several medical positions throughout the war, having been released to obtain his medical qualification. After the war he started his career in general practice, but more interested in the causation of illness, went on to train firstly as a psychiatrist, then as a psychoanalyst, working at the Tavistock Clinic for seventeen years. During his time there under the founder Crichton-Miller he learnt to treat patients from the point of view of psychotherapy and eventually opened his own psychiatric and analytical practice. Out of print for many years, the Collected Works of Charles Berg is a great opportunity to revisit some of his finest works including his 'Sort of Autobiography'. This set will be a useful resource for those interested in the history of psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, queer studies and beyond.
1. Deep Analysis: The Clinical Study of an Individual Case Charles Berg (1947/1950) 2. Clinical Psychology: A Case Book of the Neuroses and their Treatment Charles Berg (1948) 3. The Unconscious Significance of Hair Charles Berg (1951) 4. The First Interview with a Psychiatrist, and the Unconscious Psychology of All Interviews Charles Berg (1955) 5. Being Lived by My Life: A Sort of Autobiography Charles Berg (1957) 6. Homosexuality: A Subjective and Objective Investigation Charles Berg & A. M. Krich (Eds) (1958) 7. Fear, Punishment, Anxiety and the Wolfenden Report Charles Berg (1959) 8. Madkind: The Origin and Development of the Mind Charles Berg (1962)
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9781032169705
Serie Collected Works of Charles Berg
Verschijningsdatum 20 dec. 2021
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Auteur(s) Charles Berg
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First Interview with a Psychiatrist
€ 105,43
Clinical Psychology
Clinical Psychology Charles Berg
€ 152,29
Unconscious Significance of Hair
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Madkind Charles Berg
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Homosexuality Charles Berg
€ 134,72
Being Lived by My Life
Being Lived by My Life Charles Berg
€ 105,43
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