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  • Ty Francis Malcolm Parlett
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This collection brings together some leading figures in Gestalt coaching to take stock of the field and consider how it might move forward. It covers the principles of Gestalt coaching and encourages practitioners to rethink the application of Gestalt in new ways and new settings - e.g. leadership, management and team development. Individual chapters also explore radical and personal perspectives on Gestalt coaching, from considering the place of embodiment to 'being' in coaching practice and looking at the transformational micro-moments of the client encounter.
Acknowledgements. Preface. Francis and Parlett, Introduction. Denham Vaughan and Gawlinski, Field-Relational Coaching for Gestalt Beginners: The PAIR Model. Parlett, 'Whole Intelligence' in Coaching. Johnston, The Aesthetics of Transformational Gestalt Coaching: A Heartfelt Research Project. Farrands, Breakdown and Possibility in Managerial Work:Reflections for Coaches. Fairfield and Shelton, Resources for Relational Leadership. Congram, Working with the Imaginal Field. Carlson and Kolodny, Making the Relational Turn: Some New Perspectives on Coaching Groups. Wollants, The Bodying Forth of the Situation. Gaffney, The Art and Craft of the Field Attuner. Francis, 'Living Moments' in the Art of Coaching.
"This book is a welcome contribution to the coaching literature. It provides a full appreciation of the range of contributions from Gestalt Psychology to the field of coaching. Every coach will find something here that will both expand and deepen their thinking and their practice. This book emphasizes two core aspects that are central to quality coaching - how we turn up (our presence as a coach) and how we attend to the context in which the work is happening." Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership, Henley Business School, Chairman, Renewal Associates, and author of many books on coaching, team coaching, supervision and leadership. "This is a treasure-chest of ideas, methods and frameworks from a wide range of experienced Gestaltists that you can dip into and discover gems that will stretch your thinking, deepen your understanding and enrich your practice of Gestalt Coaching" John Leary-Joyce, President, Academy of Executive Coaching; author, The Fertile Void - Gestalt Coaching at Work. "This important book presents a diverse collection of papers on organizational coaching from a Gestalt theoretical perspective. These articles are tied together by their focus on process, creativity, the 'here and now', and relational connectedness - all important concepts of a contemporary Gestalt approach." Joe Melnick PhD, Founding Editor, Gestalt Review; Chair, Cape Cod Training Programme, Gestalt International Study Centre, Co-editor, Mending the World: Social Healing Interventions by Gestalt Practitioners Worldwide.
Uitgavejaar 2016
ISBN 9781138700826
Verschijningsdatum 13 dec. 2016
Omvang 294
Auteur(s) Ty Francis Malcolm Parlett
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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