Contemporary Issues in Behavior Therapy

Improving the Human Condition

  • Joseph R. Cautela, Waris Ishaq
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Contemporary Issues in Behavior Therapy presents innovative approaches to various societal problems worldwide. Contributors explore issues from diverse areas such as behavioral medicine, education, developmental disability, poverty, problematic behavior, and developmental considerations (ie., early family experiences and aging process). The volume stimulates ideas for research, prevention, and treatment, as well as for managing other modern ills including homelessness, crime, and aggression.
Behavior Change through Clinical Intervention: Empathy Training for Clients; J.R. Cautela. The Use of Behavior Therapy for Stimulating Insight; D. Powell. Rehabilitation Procedures: Treatment Issues: Toward a Better Understanding of Persons with Developmental Disabilities; G. Groden, J. Groden. The Nature of Walking: A Behavioral Foundation for the Experimental Analysis of Orientation and Mobility; J.H. Kupfer. Health Behaviors: Strategies for HIV Prevention; M.G. Baron. MedicalNoncompliance: A Behaviorological Analysis; C. Cheney. Influencing Family Functioning: Parenting: Laying a Solid Foundation for a Lifetime: The Primacy of the Initial Learning Experiences; J. Azerrad. Shaping a Stable Human Family; G. Latham. Educational Change: Education for a Better World; R. Garrett. Acting to Save Our Schools; R.D. Greer. Performance Enhancement: The Application of Behavioral Principles for Sports and Exercise Enhancement; A.J. Kearney. Leadership and Optimal Performance; D.S. Roberts, H.N. Sloane. Social Change: The Social Relevance of Applied Behavioral Analysis and Psychological Intervention Strategies; W. Ishaq. A Functional-Behavioral Approach to Facilitating Language Development and Use in Individuals with Autism; J. Twachtman. Future Considerations; J.R. Cautela. 7 additional articles. Index.
Uitgavejaar 1996
ISBN 9780306451683
Serie NATO Science Series B
Verschijningsdatum 31 mei 1996
Omvang 447
Redactie Joseph R. Cautela, Waris Ishaq
Editie 1996 ed.
Auteur(s) Joseph R. Cautela Waris Ishaq
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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