Couples Therapy: Feminist Perspectives

  • Esther D Rothblum Marcia Hill
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How can you provide effective, meaningful therapy to couples with whom you have little or nothing in common? Couples Therapy: Feminist Perspectives addresses some of the inadequacies, omissions, and assumptions in traditional couples therapy to help you face the issues of race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation in helping couples today. In this book, you'll uncover perspectives that are grounded in an appreciation of cultural context, the effects of privilege, and the centrality of a respectful stance on the part of the therapist. Anyone seeking to do informed and responsive work with couples in distress will find it a useful and valuable compilation.Couples Therapy: Feminist Perspectives describes a variety of feminist approaches to couples therapy--giving you a sense of the range of feminist practice in this area and illustrating approaches you can integrate into your work with couples. Specific topics you'll explore include: cultural considerations in couples therapy narrative approaches to couples therapy dilemmas in working with heterosexual couples working with lesbian couples the particular issues of interracial couples the African-American lesbian couple empathy and mutuality in therapy with couples Whether you're an experienced psychologist, social worker, marriage and family counselor, or therapist or a student of family and couples therapy, Couples Therapy: Feminist Perspectives will help you prepare to respond effectively to a more diverse clientele.
Unsexing the Couple (Marny Hall) Cultural Considerations in Couples Therapy (Pamela A. Hays) Loving Across Race and Class Divides: Relational Challenges and the Interracial Lesbian Couple (Sarah F. Pearlman) The Narrative/Collaborative Process In Couples Therapy: A Postmodern Perspective (Diane T. Gottlieb and Charles D. Gottlieb) African American Lesbian Couples: Ethnocultural Considerations In Psychotherapy (Beverly Greene and Nancy Boyd-Franklin) The Use of Voice for Assessment and Intervention in Couples Therapy (Janet M. Sims) Intimate Partners: A Context for the Intensification and Healing of Emotional Pain (Maryhelen Snyder) From Isolation to Mutuality: A Feminist Collaborative Model of Couples's Therapy (Karen Skerrett) Index Reference Notes Included
Uitgavejaar 1997
ISBN 9780789000170
Verschijningsdatum 24 jan. 1997
Omvang 118
Auteur(s) Esther D Rothblum Marcia Hill
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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