Critical Intersex

  • Morgan Holmes
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To date, intersex studies has not received the scholarly attention it deserves as research in this area has been centred around certain key questions, scholars and geographical regions. Exploring previously neglected territories, this book broadens the scope of intersex studies, whilst adopting perspectives that turn the gaze of the liberal, humanist, scientific outlook upon itself, in order to reconfigure debates about rights, autonomy and subjectivity, and challenges the accepted paradigms of intersex identity politics. Presenting the latest theoretical and empirical research from an international group of experts, this is a truly interdisciplinary volume containing critical approaches from both the humanities and social sciences. With its contributions to sociology, anthropology, medicine, law, history, cultural studies, psychology and psychoanalysis, Critical Intersex will appeal to scholars and clinical practitioners alike.
Contents: Series Editors' Preface: Intersex trouble; or, how to bring your kids up intersex; Introduction: straddling past, present and future, M. Morgan Holmes; Part I Medical Practices/Colonial Practices: Clinical intervention and embodied subjectivity: atypically sexed children and their parents, Katrina Roen; 'Diagnosticism': 3 cases of medical anthropological research into intersexuality, Lena Eckert; Situating bio-logic, refiguring sex: intersexuality and coloniality, Hilary Malatino. Part II Challenges to Identity Claims: (Un)queering identity: the biosocial production of intersex/DSD, Alyson K. Spurgas; Do I have XY chromosomes?, Margriet van Heesch; Intersex, a blank space in German law?, Angela Kolbe; Who has the right to change gender status? Drawing boundaries between inter- and transsexuality, Ulrike KlA ppel. Part III Refiguring the Human: Between critique and reform: ways of reading the intersex controversy, Iain Morland; Theologies of resistance: intersex/DSD, disability and queering the 'real world', Susannah Cornwall; Afterword: the future of critical intersex, Robert McRuer; Index.
'In an effort to engage physicians in an important conversation about genital surgery, those working to change medical practice have chosen language familiar to doctors, whilst those working to change gender practice, represented in this important book, hold on to the term intersex, believing that it still has important work to do. The existence of people with non-standard bodies (of all sorts) challenges us medically and culturally, and a deep and respectful argument about terms and the practices they support, as continued in this book, helps us to meet that challenge.' Anne Fausto-Sterling, Brown University, USA 'This important collection moves the conversation on intersexuality to the next level, with contributions that reclaim intersex as a positive identity and challenge liberal orthodoxy within both medicine and activism. In Holmes' own words, this book "conjures intersex yet to come".' Suzanne Kessler, Purchase College, State University of New York, USA '... highlights how many intersex people do not identify with queer labels and even resent the automatic inclusion of intersex issues under the queer rubric. ... If one is looking for a definition of intersex, it won't be found here. And that is precisely the point. Holmes and the contributors provide enough historical context to ground the term, from early medical developments in the early 1900s to activist reclamations in the nineties, but all of the authors are careful not to plant the stakes too firmly.' Canadian Dimension '... contributions that are precise, plainly written and very illuminating... the detail is fascinating and somewhat unnerving... beautifully clear and compassionate...' Contemporary Sociology
Uitgavejaar 2009
ISBN 9780754673118
Serie Queer Interventions
Verschijningsdatum 5 okt. 2009
Omvang 274
Redactie Morgan Holmes
Auteur(s) Morgan Holmes
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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