Critical Perspectives in Forensic Care

  • Tom Mason Dave Mercer
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A full and challenging examination of the practice and contextual issues relating to nursing in secure units - whether within special hospitals, the prison service or more general hospitals. Historical and philosophical issues are explored, then more practical aspects are discussed.
Introduction: the Silent Scream; T.Mason & D.Mercer.- From Devilry to Diagnosis: the Painful Birth of Forensic Psychiatry; D.Mercer & T.Mason.- Beyond Madness and Badness: Where Angels Fear to Tread?; D.Mercer.- Control in the Community; G.McCann.- Violence, Fear and Power; R.Whittington.- Seclusion: a Catacomb of Control; T.Mason & M.Chandley.- More than a Pound of Flesh: a Patient's Perspective; S.George.- The Nature of the Beast: Sex Offender Treatment; D.Mercer.- Rehabilitation: 'The Ship of Fools'?; T.Mason & D.Mercer.- The Ceremonial and Moral Order of a Ward for Psychopaths; J.Richman.- Therapy vs Security: Reconciling Healing and Damnation; S.Burrow.- Language, Race and Forensic Psychiatry: Some Dilemmas for Anti-discriminatory Practice; M.McKeown & M.Stowell-Smith.- Fallen from Grace: Women, Power and Knowledge; M.McKeown & D.Mercer.- Doctors' Orders: The Mentally Disordered in Prison; J.Senior.- Nurse Education: Scribes and Scriptures; G.Carton.
Uitgavejaar 1997
ISBN 9780333693100
Verschijningsdatum 28 nov. 1997
Omvang 280
Auteur(s) Tom Mason Dave Mercer
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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