Deeper Learning

7 Powerful Strategies for In-depth and Longer Lasting Learning

  • Eric P. Jensen
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"Deeper Learning: 7 Powerful Strategies for In-Depth and Longer Lasting Learning "focuses on a systematic, reflective approach that develops learning and comprehension of content at a deeper level. Incorporating the most current cognitive brain research, this book provides teachers with a framework and specific strategies for incorporating powerful content processing techniques into everyday instruction.Eric Jensen and LeAnn Nickelsen present the Deeper Learning Cycle, an instructional model that embraces brain research, standards, and individual learning differences. This learning cycle walks teachers through the primary steps of learning, illustrates how to embed deeper learning processing activities into daily lessons, and demonstrates how to use specific strategies to meet students' individual needs. Teachers will learn to: * Apply the Deeper Learning Lesson Plan template to daily instruction * Use over 50 deeper learning strategies to differentiate instruction and help students process content in meaningful ways * Employ the Deeper Learning Cycle to pre-assess students' prior understanding and evaluate acquisition of in-depth learning
Preface Acknowledgments About the Authors Introduction 1. Beneath the Surface: Exploring the Deeper Learning Cycle (DELC) DELC Model Introduced Standards & Objectives of the Book Part I. Preparing for Learning 2. Preparing for Deeper Learning DELC Step #1. Planning the Standards & Curriculum DELC Step #2. Pre-Assessing DELC Step #3. Building a Positive Learning Culture 3. Activating Prior Knowledge and Acquiring New Knowledge DELC Step #4. Priming & Activating Prior Knowledge DELC Step #5. Acquiring Prior Knowledge Part II. Processing the Content 4. Processing With a Purpose DELC Step #6. Processing the Content 5. Processing Strategies Galore DELC Step #6. Processing the Content Part III. Putting It All Together 6. The Lesson Planning Guide DELC Step #7. Evaluating the Student Learning 7. Processing Must-Have Tips Bibliography Index
"I felt like I walked the walk and could implement many of the strategies after one read through." -- Andrea Golarz-Ziemba, Teacher 20070803 "If our newest teachers came out of college with this kn
Uitgavejaar 2008
ISBN 9781412952040
Verschijningsdatum 1 jun. 2008
Omvang 328
Auteur(s) Eric P. Jensen
Taal Engels

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