Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism

  • Christopher Gillberg
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In 1987, The Swedish Medical Research Council's Group for Evaluation of Medical Technology approached me on the subject of organizing a conference on Autism - Diagnosis and Treatment. The original idea for this conference had come from a Stockholm politician, Leni Bjorklund, who had felt that, at least in Sweden, autism appeared to be an area in which conflicting views on etiology and treatment had led to children and parents not always receiving adequate help. Professors Agne Larsson, MD, Tore Schersten, MD and Bjorn Smedby, MD in particular showed a keen interest and it was decided to hold a State-of-the-Art-Conference on autism in Gothenburg. The State-of-the-Art-Conference on Autism -Diagnosis and Treatment was held in Gothenburg May 8 -10, 1989. A panel of international experts was selected because of outstanding research or clinical activity in the field and in order to represent a wide variety of professional and theoretical approaches ranging from epidemiology, neurobiology and cognitive psychology to psychiatry, neurology, education, behavioural treatment and psychoanalysis. A group of professional observers involved in the field of autism was chosen so as to cover Sweden in a representative fashion. This group consisted of administrators, child psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, pediatricians, nurses and teachers.
The Diagnosis of Autism.- Early Symptoms in Autism.- Autism and "Theory of Mind".- Social or Cognitive or Both? Crucial Dysfunctions in Autism.- The Etiology of Autism.- Recent Neurobiological Findings in Autism.- Chromosomes, Genes and Autism.- Autism: Inmmunologiral Investigations.- The First Evaluation: Treatment Begins Here.- Educational Evaluation.- Principles for Directing Both Educational Treatment and Research.- Help for the Family.- Phannacotherapy in Autism: An Overview.- Autism: Non-Drug Biological Treatments.- Psychodynamically Oriented Psychotherapy in Autism.- Comprehensive Treatment Program for Autistic Children and Adults in Denmark.- Exchange and Development Therapies (E. D. T.) for Children with Autism: A Treatment Program from Tours.- The Nature of Behavioral Treatment and Research with Young Autistic Persons.- Treating Autistic Children at Home: A London Based Programme.- The REBECKA-Project: A Short Summary.- Habilitation for Children with Autism: A Swedish Example.- Steps Towards the Organization of Services for Autistic Children and Their Family.- State-of-the-Art Programming in Massachusetts: A Brief Description of the May Institute.- Autism: Specific Problems of Adolescence.- Pharmacotherapy of Adolescent Problems.- Educational Issues in Adolescence.- Psychotherapeutical Help in Adolescence.- Autistic Adults.- Addendum: Is the Primary Lesion in Autism Related to the Locus Coeruleus?.- Autism: Diagnosis and Treatment. The State of the Art, May 1989.- Contributors.
Uitgavejaar 1990
ISBN 9780306434815
Verschijningsdatum 30 apr. 1990
Omvang 450
Redactie Christopher Gillberg
Editie 1989 ed.
Auteur(s) C. Gillberg
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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