Doing Supervision and Being Supervised

  • Robert Langs
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There is always a lively interest in the supervisory process and its explication. Courses in supervision abound and the critical role of supervision in becoming a psychotherapist is widely acknowledged. It is for this reason that this book aims to present the essentials of supervision, establish validated principles of teaching and learning, define
Foreword -- Introduction -- Issues in supervising psychotherapy -- A clinical foundation for supervisory practices -- Models of supervision and unconscious validation -- Frames and systems: contexts for supervision -- The fixed frame of supervision -- Privacy and confidentiality -- Relative neutrality and anonymity -- The process of supervision -- The Supervisor: basic issues -- The supervisor: basic precepts of supervision -- The supervisee: responsibilities and entitlements -- Supervisory crises -- Taking issue with the standard models of supervision -- Self-processing supervision
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9780367324155
Verschijningsdatum 31 jul. 2019
Omvang 284
Auteur(s) Robert Langs
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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