Drugs, Clubs and Young People

Sociological and Public Health Perspectives

  • Bill Sanders
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In this volume, contributors employ sociological and public health perspectives to offer insights into behaviours common at raves and nightclubs. The volume provides theoretical observations on illicit club drug use and supply, helping to challenge current orthodoxies on the role of drug use within young peoples' lives. Drawing material from the USA, UK and Hong Kong, the volume allows the demystification of stereotypical presentations surrounding young people who attend clubs and/or use club drugs. This work provides a badly needed and objective analysis of youthful drug use, and a foundation from which future sociological and public studies on young people, clubs and drugs - as well as young people themselves - will benefit.
Contents: Young people, clubs and drugs, Bill Sanders; Reluctant reflexivity, implicit insider knowledge and the development of club studies, Fiona Measham and Karenza Moore; New York City club kids: a contextual understanding of club drug use, Dina Perrone; Conceptions of risk in the lives of ecstasy-using youth, Brian C. Kelly; 'Chem friendly': the institutional basis of 'club drug' use in a sample of urban gay men, Adam Isaiah Green; On Ketamine: in and out of the K hole, Stephen E. Lankenau; Ecstasy use amongst young low-income women, Zhao Helen Wu; The emergence of clubs and drugs in Hong Kong, Karen Joe Laidler, Geoffrey Hunt, Katherine MacKenzie and Kristen Evans; In the Club Redux: ecstasy use and supply in a London nightclub, Bill Sanders; Pub space, rave space and urban space: three different night-time economies, Daniel Silverstone; Bibliography; Indices.
'This highly readable book conveys the essence of "club culture" and the role that drugs like Ecstasy, GHB, Ketamine, and others have in participant's lives. The essays richly document how drug users assess the risks and harms versus their enjoyment of such drugs in the dancing context. The similarities in drug use and clubbing in locales as diverse as New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, and other international locations constitutes an additional strength of this book.' Bruce D. Johnson, Institute for Special Populations Research, USA 'This book offers a fascinating view into the lives of raving, clubbing, and club drug using youth from around the world. By combining scientific theories and methodological approaches from both sociology and public health, experts in the field bring a more integrative approach to understanding the rave and club scene, as well as club drug use, a behaviour that is likely fuelling the latest wave of HIV infection among youth. An edited volume of this nature is an important and welcomed contribution to the literature.' Michele D. Kipke, University of Southern California, USA '...I recommend this book to people wanting up-to-date social-scientific evidence about the use of ecstasy and similar drugs at dance parties and nightclubs - including social science researchers and students and any professionals whose work connects them to this "leisure scene'." Druglink 'There is much to admire in this book...a useful contribution to the literature on drugs, clubs and young people.' Health Sociology Review 'Each essay presents an insight into contemporary drug usage and popular youthful behaviours across the world.' The Howard Journal
Uitgavejaar 2006
ISBN 9780754646990
Verschijningsdatum 28 jun. 2006
Omvang 208
Redactie Bill Sanders
Auteur(s) Bill Sanders
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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