Dyslexia In Children

  • Angela Fawcett Rod Nicolson
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This text links general skills difficulties to dyslexia. It examines the research which has found that dyslexic children have problems not just with their reading but in a range of skills including several (such as balance) unrelated to reading.
Dyslexia - the phonological deficit hypothesis, J.P. Rack; reading skills, strategies and their degree of tractability in dyslexia, J.R. Beech; a proposed taxonomy and some consequences, T.R. Miles; visual deficits in dyslexia, W.J. Woodgrove; a visual defect in dyslexics?, J. Stein; motor skill, automaticity and dyslexia, A.J. Fawcett; processing speed and dyslexia, A.J. Fawcett and R.I. Nicolson; automaticity deficits in word reading, R. Yap and A. van der Leij; acquisition of skill in dyslexic children, R.I. Nicolson and A.J. Fawcett; epilogue, R.I. Nicolson.
Uitgavejaar 1994
ISBN 9780745016368
Verschijningsdatum 2 nov. 1994
Omvang 272
Auteur(s) Angela Fawcett Rod Nicolson
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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