Effect of Childhood Emotional Maltreatment on Later Intimate Relationships

  • Nancy Dodge Reyome
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Childhood Emotional Maltreatment, Attachment and Later Intimate Relationships addresses timely topics on the effect of emotional child abuse and neglect on the formation and maintenance of intimate relationships in adolescence and adulthood. This collection of manuscripts addresses current theory, research and practice pertinent to the difficulties experienced by survivors of childhood emotional maltreatment. Topics addressed in this volume include: attachment theory, interpersonal problems, codependency and self silencing, and relationship violence and sexual aggression. The manuscripts reflect current research regarding the influence of childhood emotional maltreatment on intimate relationships while suggesting directions for future research on this important topic. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma.
PART 1 1. Introduction to Part 1 Nancy Dodge Reyome Theoretical Issues 2. Childhood Emotional Abuse and the Attachment System Across the Life Cycle: What Theory and Research Tell Us Shelley A. Riggs Current Research 3. Emotional Maltreatment and Psychosocial Functioning in Preadolescent Youth Placed in Out-of-Home Care Heather N. Taussig and Sara E. Culhane 4. Childhood Emotional Abuse, Adult Attachment, and Depression as Predictors of Relational Adjustment and Psychological Aggression Shelley A. Riggs and Patricia Kaminski Current Intervention 5. Using Cognitive Therapies to Treat Unstable Attachment Patterns in Adults With Childhood Histories of Social Rejection Dominic J. Carbone PART 2 6. Introduction to Part 2 Nancy Dodge Reyome Research on Interpersonal Problems and Codependency 7. Child Maltreatment History and Interpersonal Problems in Adult Couple Relationships Alison Paradis and Sophie Boucher 8. Psychosocial Variables as Mediators of the Relationship Between Childhood History of Emotional Maltreatment, Codependency, and Self-Silencing Nancy Dodge Reyome, Karen S. Ward, and Katie Witkiewitz Research on Intimate Partner Violence 9. A Developmental Process Analysis of the Contribution of Childhood Emotional Abuse to Relationship Violence Sara R. Berzenski and Tuppett M. Yates 10. Childhood Emotional Abuse Predicts Late Adolescent Sexual Aggression Perpetration and Victimization Eileen L. Zurbriggen, Robyn L. Gobin, and Jennifer J. Freyd Literature Review 11. Childhood Emotional Maltreatment and Later Intimate Relationships: Themes from the Empirical Literature Nancy Dodge Reyome
Uitgavejaar 2010
ISBN 9780415593694
Verschijningsdatum 4 okt. 2010
Omvang 264
Auteur(s) Nancy Dodge Reyome
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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