Encyclopedia of Mental Health

  • Ada P. Khan Jan Fawcett
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The Facts On File Library of Health and Living series is comprised of clear, comprehensive, and up-to-date resources for understanding and coping with the complexities of modern health and social concerns. Written for general readers and professionals alike, each volume contains: -- An extensive A-to-Z reference section that defines the causes, cures, key research, medical terms, symptoms, treatments, and trends of each field of study -- Detailed appendixes that provide current statistical information -- Extensive bibliographies that serve as starting points for further research -- Comprehensive directories that list organizations, associations, schools, support groups, and publications readers can turn to for further information.Definitions of theories, syndromes, symptoms, treatments, and contemporary issues are provided in accessible language.
Uitgavejaar 1993
ISBN 9780816026944
Verschijningsdatum 23 sep. 1993
Omvang 384
Auteur(s) Ada P. Khan Jan Fawcett
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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