Essential Neuropsychology: A Concise Handbook for Adult Practitioners

  • Jonathan DeRight
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  • Verwacht 12 november 2021
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The goal of this book is to provide brief-but-comprehensive information that can aid in rapid differential diagnosis and allow for more thorough follow-up if needed. This guide is intended to fit easily into the pocket of a lab coat or on your desk, giving readers an efficient way to find information about a specific disease or disorder to prepare for an upcoming case. The book is divided into two parts: Part 1 involves general psychometric and reference information including score classifications, formulas for score conversion, likelihood chaining, and reliable change, psychometric data for stand-alone and embedded PVTs, and the effects of common medications on cognition. Part 2 of the book is organized alphabetically by disease or disorder to promote quick searching, and each chapter provides straightforward information including definitions, subtypes, etiology, epidemiology, course, diagnostic criteria, expectations for test results, and links to more comprehensive sources. Whenever possible, information is gathered through up-to-date literature and high quality pubilcations such as systematic reviews or meta-analyses. Helpful references are provided for more extensive follow-up or further reading.
Introduction: Disorders are split into three main groups: mostly rapid onset, variable onset, and insidious onset. Within each of these categories, disorders are furthers classified using the VITAMINSCDE system, corresponding to the following: Vascular, Infection, Trauma, Autoimmune, Mental Health, Idiopathic/Iatrogenic, Neoplasia, Substance/Medications/Toxins, Alcohol, Behavioral/psychosomatic, Congenital, Degenerative, Endocrine/Metabolic. Each disorder will have the following sections of varying length depending on the prevalence of the disorder and amount of information known: Definition, Prevalence, Physiological underpinnings, Subtypes, Typical Course, Expectations for neuropsychological testing, Rule Outs, and Recommendations. The goal is to provide very brief, yet comprehensive information that can aid in rapid differential diagnosis and allow for more thorough follow-up if needed. Part 1: Disorders of Mostly Rapid Symptom Onset 1. Vascular o Stroke o Subarachnoid Hemorrhage 2. Infection o Syphilis o HSV-1 o Prion Disorders o Meningitis o Encephalitis o Abscess o PML o ADEM 3. Trauma o TBI o Hypoxia 4. Idiopathic/Iatrogenic o Delirium 5. Neoplasia o Paraneoplastic syndrome 6. Substance/Medications/Toxins o Withdrawal o Serotonin syndrome o Neuroleptic malignant syndrome 7. Alcohol o Hepatic Encephalopathy 8. Behavioral/psychosomatic o Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures o Malingering 9. Congenital o Acute Intermittent Porphyria 10. Endocrine/Metabolic o Hypothyroidism o Hypoglycemia Part 2: Disorders of variable symptom onset 11. Vascular o Stenosis 12. Infection o Lyme disease o Systemic lupus erythematosus 13. Trauma o Subdural hematoma 14. Autoimmune o Multiple Sclerosis 15. Mental Health o Mood disorders o Anxiety/Hypochondriasis o Psychotic Disorders 16. Idiopathic/Iatrogenic o Epilepsy o Sarcoidosis 17. Neoplasia o Tumor o Metastases 18. Substance/Medications/Toxins o Toxins o Medication side effects o Long-term drug use 19. Behavioral/psychosomatic o Somatoform 20. Degenerative o Hydrocephalus 21. Endocrine/Metabolic o Vitamin deficiency o Hashimoto's encephalopathy Part 3: Disorders of Mostly Insidious Symptom Onset 22. Vascular o Vascular dementia o Binswanger's 23. Autoimmune o HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder 24. Substance/Medications/Toxins o End Stage Renal Disease o Liver disease 25. Alcohol o Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome o Alcohol-Related Dementia 26. Congenital o Wilson's disease o CADASIL 27. Degenerative o Alzheimer's disease o Frontotemporal Dementias o Dementia with Lewy Bodies o Progressive Supranuclear Palsy o Parkinson's disease o Huntington's disease o Corticobasal degeneration o Multiple System Atrophy 28. Endocrine/Metabolic o Cushing's syndrome o Mitochondrial encephalopathy
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9783030853716
Verschijningsdatum 12 nov. 2021
Editie 1st ed. 2022
Auteur(s) Jonathan DeRight
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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