Essentials of Skilled Helping

Gerard Essentials of Skilled Helping AND Skilled Helping Around the World: Addressing Diversity and Multiculturalism Booklet

  • Gerard Egan
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Internationally recognized for its successful problem-management and opportunity development approach to effective helping, Egan's classic book is now available in a briefer, paperback edition. ESSENTIALS OF SKILLED HELPING offers an accessible presentation of Egan's three-stage model through its streamlined content, simpler language, and case studies.
PART I: LAYING THE GROUNDWORK. 1. Introduction to Helping. 2. The Helping Relationship: Values in Action. PART II: THE THERAPEUTIC DIALOGUE. 3. Introduction to Communication: The Skill of Visibly Tuning in to Clients and Active Listening. 4. Sharing Empathic Highlights: Communicating and Checking Understanding. 5. The Art of Probing and Summarizing. 6. Helping Clients Challenge Themselves. 7. Challenging Skills and the Wisdom Needed to Use Them. PART III: THE STAGES AND TASKS OF THE HELPING MODEL. 8. Stage I. Helping Clients Explore Their Concerns. 9. Stage II. Helping Clients Identify, Choose, and Shape Goals. 10. Stage III. Helping Clients Develop Strategies and Plans to Accomplish Their Goals. 11. The Action Arrow. References. Index.
Uitgavejaar 2005
ISBN 9780495008156
Verschijningsdatum 1 sep. 2005
Omvang 352
Auteur(s) Gerard Egan
Taal Engels
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