Family Assessment

Rationale, Methods and Future Directions

  • Theodore Jacob, Daniel L. Tennenbaum
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The purpose of this book is to review existing and developing family assessment methods relevant to the study of psycho- pathology. It is our intention not only to inform clinical re- searchers of the many valuable family assessment methods that are available, but also to encourage the incorporation of such procedures into future research efforts. In so doing, we believe that our understanding of the etiology, course, treatment, and prevention of adult and childhood disorders will be greatly enriched. The book begins with an overview of the larger social and intellectual forces which have led to the current interest in study- ing family influences on psychopathology in children and adoles- cence. For each "stream of influence," we attempt to highlight theoretical and methodological contributions relevant to the fami- ly's role in the etiology, exacerbation, and treatment of childhood disorders. Next, a framework for classifying family measurement procedures is introduced in which three major dimensions are emphasized: unit of analysis, source of data, and construct as- sessed. The third and most important chapter provides detailed reviews of a selected number of methods within each of the major groupings that have been delimited, references and brief descrip- tions of other measures that cannot be reviewed in detail, and a discussion of the promising and developing techniques that are known to the authors.
1. Family Research: Streams of Influence.- 2. Classifying Family Measurement Procedures.- 3. Detailed Review of Methods.- 4. Conclusions and Future Directions.- References.
Uitgavejaar 1988
ISBN 9780306427558
Serie NATO Science Series B:
Verschijningsdatum 1 mei 1988
Omvang 220
Auteur(s) Theodore Jacob, Daniel L. Tennenbaum
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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