Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology

  • Ronald J. Comer
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This text synthesizes theoretical models, research, clinical experiences, therapies, and controversies within the context of social and cultural influences. It weaves the main text, case studies, quotations, critical thinking questions, margin notes, cultural and gender differences, and other important elements into a cohesive narrative that is designed to keep students engaged. Comer encourages students to think critically about the science and study of abnormal psychology. His text also reveals the humanity behind the study of psychopathology - the impact of psychological dysfunction on those who suffer from it and their families.
Abnormal Psychology Past and Present - Models of Abnormality - Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment - Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Phobias - Panic, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Stress Disorders - Mood Disorders - Suicide - Psychological Factors and Physical Disorders - Eating Disorders - Substance-Related Disorders - Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity Disorders - Schizophrenia - Disorders of Memory and Other Cognitive Functions - Personality Disorders - Disorders of Childhood and Old Age - Law, Society, and the Mental Health Profession
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780716751199
Verschijningsdatum 1 jan. 2002
Omvang 511
Auteur(s) Ronald J. Comer
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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