Gay and Lesbian Mental Health

A Sourcebook for Practitioners

  • John DeCecco Christopher J. Alexander
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As a sourcebook on many mental health issues, Gay and Lesbian Mental Health covers eleven principle issues that gays and lesbians may face during their lifetimes, and it suggests ways for readers to begin improving the lives of gays and lesbians in many different areas, including parenting, eating disorders, coming out, aging, gay men's self-image, dual needs of ethnic homosexuals, adolescence as a homosexual, need and use of support groups, parental guidance of homosexual children, adult partners of adult survivors of child sexual abuse, and spirituality. Each chapter of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health is written by experts in the field who are able, through their professional and personal experience, to facilitate reader understanding of the particular topics covered. The authors draw on recent research and often use actual clinical experiences to flesh out dry statistics and to help practitioners work with the issue and, more importantly, the individual. Readers learn about many issues and developments on the cutting edge of research and practice, including: narcissism and egocentricity in gay men sexual minority youth suicide attempts aging and mental health in the gay community body dissatisfaction and eating disorders AIDS and the global loss in the gay community identity development A practical guide for health care professionals working with gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals, Gay and Lesbian Mental Health offers suggestions and steps for effective intervention, support, and guidance based on sound research, clinical interviews, and clinical experience. Psychologists, family therapists, group leaders, and interns and trainees at clinics serving the gay community will find this book an invaluable tool for delivering excellent services. Professors and students of sociology, psychology, and mental health will also benefit from the book's guidelines for study.
Contents Preface Narcissism and Egocentricity in Gay Men What About My Needs?: Working with Lesbian Partners of Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors Categorization of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Suicide Attempters Living in an Era of Multiple Loss and Trauma: Understanding Global Loss in the Gay Community Balancing Autonomy and Intimacy in Lesbian and Gay Relationships Gays and Lesbians Choosing To Be Parents Clinical Issues in Identity Development in Gay Latino Men Working with Parents of Gay and Lesbian Children Integrating a Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Person's Religious and Spiritual Needs and Choices into Psychotherapy Aging and Mental Health: Issues in the Gay and Lesbian Community Lesbian Grief and Loss Issues in the Coming-Out Process The Perils of Sexual Objectification: Sexual Orientation, Gender, and Socioculturally Acquired Vulnerability to Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Disorders Index Reference Notes Included
Uitgavejaar 1996
ISBN 9781560238799
Verschijningsdatum 25 sep. 1996
Omvang 274
Auteur(s) John DeCecco Christopher J. Alexander
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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