Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders

  • Edited by D.H. Barlow
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This comprehensive reference and text provides detailed guidelines for conducting multimodal assessments of individuals suffering from frequently encountered psychological disorders. The contributors, leading scientist-practitioners, address the growing need for assessment approaches that are brief, easy to implement, and psychometrically sound. Tools and techniques considered include structured and semi-structured interviews, self-report measures, psychophysiological measures, observational techniques, and more. Of crucial importance, the book also demonstrates how assessment results can effectively be used in planning evidence-based interventions and monitoring the outcome of treatment.
Part 1: Screening for Psychological Disorders. Summerfeldt, Antony, Structured and Semistructured Diagnostic Interviews. Bufka, Crawford, Levitt, Brief Screening Assessments for Managed Care and Pri
Uitgavejaar 2004
ISBN 9781593850135
Verschijningsdatum 1 mei 2004
Omvang 589
Auteur(s) Edited by D.H. Barlow
Taal Engels

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