Handbook of Rural School Mental Health

  • Kurt D. Michael, John Paul Jameson
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This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of school mental health (SMH) initiatives in rural areas in the United States. It offers clinical and administrative guidelines for innovative and effective programs addressing critical problems among rural youth and in areas where funding and resources are scarce. Chapters cover program development, implementation, sustainability, and evaluation; consider issues of community and policy support; address barriers to access and delivery; and debunk misconceptions about the region and its cultures. Chapters also discuss rural SMH applications relating to special populations, including students with autism, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, conduct disorders, and ADHD. In addition, the book examines the potential of school-based programs as a counter to the stigma and distrust of mental health services common to the region.Handbook include:The value of rural SMH from an educator's standpoint. Preventing suicide among students in rural schools. Substance abuse in rural school settings. Bullying and cyberbully among rural youth.
Foreword by Mark Weist.- Part I: ? Development of Rural School Mental Health Initiatives: Rationale, Policies, Ethics, and Competencies.- Chapter 1. The Benefits of School Mental Health.- Chapter 2. Building Policy Support for School Mental Health in Rural Settings.- Chapter 3. Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Rural School Mental Health.- Chapter 4. General and Specific Competencies for School Mental Health in Rural Settings.- Chapter 5. Preservice Teacher Education for School Mental Health in a Rural Community.- Chapter 6. Why Would Teachers Care? The Value of Rural School Mental Health from an Educator's Standpoint.- Part II: Clinical and Cultural Conditions in Rural School Settings.- Chapter 7. Rural America & Evidence-Based Assessment: The Potential for a Happy Marriage.- Chapter 8. Effective Identification and Treatment of ADHD in Rural School Settings.- Chapter 9. Preventing Suicide among Students in Rural Schools.- Chapter 10. The Identification and Treatment of Anxiety in Rural Settings.- Chapter 11. Depression and Rural School Mental Health: Best Practices.- Chapter 12. Conduct Disorders and Substance Abuse in Rural School Settings.- Chapter 13. What Lies Beneath: Pediatric Bi-Polar Disorder in the Context of the Rural School.- Chapter 14. Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Rural Schools.- Chapter 15. Bullying and Cyberbullying Among Rural Youth.- Part III: Addressing Challenges in Delivering Rural School Mental Health Services.- Chapter 16. Ruralism and Regionalism: Myths and Misgivings Regarding the Homogeneity of Rural Populations.- Chapter 17. Conjoint Behavioral Consultation in Rural Schools.- Chapter 18. Intergenerational Patterns of Mental Illness in Rural Settings and their Relevance for School Mental Health.- Chapter 19. Contributions of Applied Behavior Analysis to School-Based Mental Health Services in Rural Communities.- Chapter 20. Adapting Crisis Intervention Protocols: Rural and Tribal Voices From Montana.- Chapter 21. Evaluating Rural School Mental Health Programs.- Chapter 22. Active Implementation Frameworks and Their Importance to Implementing and Sustaining Effective Mental Health Programs in Rural Schools.- Chapter 23. Planning, Implementing, and Improving Rural School Mental Health Programs.
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9783319647333
Verschijningsdatum 11 okt. 2017
Omvang 460
Redactie Kurt D. Michael, John Paul Jameson
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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