Through the Centuries

  • Mervyn J. Eadie
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Headache: Through the Centuries illuminates the history of headaches with a particular interest in how the disorder has been understood and treated since the earliest recorded accounts, dating from around 4000 BC. Different types of headache were being recognized as early as the 2nd century AD. Over the years, though, the classification of types of headache has changed so that headache patterns described in the past are often difficult to relate to present-day types of headache. Since that time, a great deal of material on the topic has become available, the full gamut of manifestations of the disorder has been described, and considerable insight into its mechanisms has been obtained, though no completely satisfactory explanation of the disorder has yet become available. Providing an extensive history and the development of our understanding of headache over the course of six millennia, Headache: Through the Centuries is thought-provoking and relevant reading for neurologists, medical historians, and anyone interested in headaches.
Introduction ; Chapter 1 Headache its classification ; Chapter 2 The "seat" of headache ; Chapter 3 Headache before 1800 ; Chapter 4 Migraine: clinical phenomena ; Chapter 5 Migraine: pathophysiology ; Chapter 6 The treatment of migrane ; Chapter 7 The trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias ; Chapter 8 Tension-type headache ; Chapter 9 Cranial neuralgias ; Chapter 10 Some thoughts from the history of headache ; References ; Index
This is a welcome addition to the study of neurology. The book is solid, thoughtful, readable, and well researched. Neurologists and students of neurology will appreciate the historical underpinnings of this important subject. * Elizabeth Connor, The Citadel * Headache Through the Centuries makes an important contribution to our historical understanding of migraine and headache. It is full of fascinating detail and careful explanation. My copy is already well thumbed and full of sticky notes. * Katherine Foxhall, Social History of Medicine *
Uitgavejaar 2012
ISBN 9780199860975
Verschijningsdatum 31 mei 2012
Omvang 336
Auteur(s) Mervyn J. Eadie
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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