Health, Safety and Well-Being of Workers in the Informal Sector in India

  • Sigamani Panneer Sanghmitra S. Acharya Nagarajan Sivakami
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This book focuses on the core problems of occupational health, safety and well-being of workers in the informal sector in developing countries, where it accounts for most of the rural labour force and a substantial percentage of the urban labour force. The sector is characterised by low incomes, unstable employment and lack of protection in the form of legislation/policies or trade unions. Though some health and problem-solving measures have been introduced, a focused academic effort to address the problems confronting workers in the unorganised sector, or informal economy, is lacking. The book evaluates workers' physical and mental health in the context of labour migration, social inclusion of minorities and the differently abled, provisions for women workers, demonetisation, occupational safety for hazardous work, and in connection with various areas of informal work, e.g. agriculture, construction, transportation, sanitation, tanning, the tobacco industry, powerloom industry, surrogacy, and self-employment. It provides a well-rounded description of an analytical reflection on the challenges these workers face and focuses on social policy changes to help alleviate them. Accordingly, it offers a valuable asset for researchers and students interested in development studies, the sociology of work, health and labour economics, public health, and social work.
1. Introduction.- 2. Understanding and Addressing the Inequities affecting the workers in Informal Sector.- 3. Health, Safety & Well-being of sanitation workers; realities of historical exclusion and livelihoods.- 4. Health, Safety and Well-Being of Women Workers in Informal Economy: Evidences from Construction Work in New Delhi, India.- 5. Women in the Labour Market.- 6. Women workers in shoe factory and perception to willingness to pay (wtp) for social insurance study in Ambur Taluk in Vellore Districts.- 7. Health, safety and wellbeing of women workers in unorganised sector/informal economy.- 8. Dispossessed and disposed: the plight of Agricultural workforce.- 9. Health Concerns of Women Street Vendors: Challenges and Prospects.- 10. The Political Economy of Demonetization: Challenges and Prospects for Informal Economy with Special Reference to Agriculture.- 11. Financial and Social Security for Older Persons in the Indian Informal Economy.- 12. Health, Social Security and Income Generation of Labourers in Informal Sector: Primary Data Evidence from Textile Firms of Tirupur.- 13. Demonetization and the Informal Economy: A highroad to formalism or a free fall to destruction?.- 14. Health, Safety & Well-Being of the Manual Scavengers: Social Exclusion Perspective.- 15. Public Health Outcomes through District level System Integration among Inter-State Migrants in Kerala.- 16. Legal issues/Acts and provisions related to informal sector in India-A Case of Karnataka.- 17. Descriptive Analysis of the Occupational Hazards Associated with Beedi Workers in India.- 18. The Social Constructs of Surrogacy as experienced by Surrogate Mothers.- 19. Encountering Alienation: A situational review of Inter-state Migrant workers from the North Indian States in Kerala.- 20. Quality of Life of Transgender Workers in the Unorganized sector.- 21. A study on Quality of Life among Individuals with Special Needs Working in the Unorganized Sector.
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9789811384202
Verschijningsdatum 8 aug. 2019
Omvang 274
Editie 1st ed. 2019
Auteur(s) Sigamani Panneer Sanghmitra S. Acharya Nagarajan Sivakami
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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