HIV and Social Work

A Practitioner's Guide

  • R Dennis Shelby David M Aronstein Bruce J Thompson
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As HIV/AIDS continue to plague societies around the world, more and more social workers encounter HIV-infected individuals and their families and friends who are searching for help and support. In HIV and Social Work: A Practitioner's Guide, experienced social workers share their practice wisdom, knowledge, and skills on a broad range of issues. Their words of wisdom will give you the willingness to follow problems through and the flexibility and creativity that are required when dealing with issues concerning HIV/AIDS. At the same time, you will achieve a sense of empowerment and optimism as you realize that there are things you can do--very specific kinds of help you can offer--that can make an enormous difference in the lives of people with HIV/AIDS and those who love and care for them. HIV and Social Work is a practical, user-friendly resource for social workers who practice in a variety of settings and fields. You'll find it a rich and useful book if you're moving into HIV/AIDS work and want guidance, or if you're experienced and want to sharpen your skills, or if you just want to be prepared for when you find people with HIV or their family members in your office in need of help. Specifically, you'll gain valuable insight about: basic psychosocial interventions for people with HIV/AIDS in-depth practical suggestions for specific problem areas and specific groups of people with HIV/AIDS better listening skills how to know your own limitations and live your own life more fully in the face of sadness the importance and challenge of returning to fundamental social work skills You'll refer to HIV and Social Work time and time again as you confront new HIV-related situations in your practice for which you need easy-to-understand descriptions of what to do and how to do it. Acknowledging your busy schedule, the book is organized so that you may use it on a "knowledge as needed" basis or read it straight through. Written specifically by and for social workers, HIV and Social Work is highly recommended as required reading in social work programs at the Bachelor's and/or Master's levels.
Contents About the Editors Contributors Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Section I: Introduction Essential Facts Every Social Worker Needs to Know Getting Started: Basic Skills for Effective Social Work with People with HIV Multicultural Competence Back to the Future: Survival, Uncertainty, and Hope Section II: Practice Settings Case Management in AIDS Service Settings Part A: Services in Health Settings Discharge Planning in Acute Care Involving Family and Significant Others in Acute Care Bereavement Work in the Acute Care Setting Involving Families in Hospice and Home Care Bereavement Work in Hospice and Home Care Helping a Person with HIV/AIDS Get into Clinical Trials Helping a Person with HIV/AIDS Prepare a Power of Attorney and a Living Will Part B: Services in Mental Health Settings Individual Clinical Issues Disrupted Dialogues: Working with Couples Clinical Issues in Groups for HIV-Infected Individuals Clinical Issues for Families HIV Risk Assessment in Mental Health Settings Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice HIV in Private Practice Identifying and Treating HIV-Associated Dementia Organizing Support Groups for People Affected by HIV Section III: People in Special Circumstances Addressing HIV Risks with Clients Who Use Drugs Part A: Services for Children and Families Counseling Parents and Children with HIV Helping a Parent with HIV Tell His or Her Children Talking with Parents About Creating a Legacy for Their Children Talking with Parents About Permanency Planning Working with Children with HIV in Day Care, Elementary, and Secondary Schools Talking to Women with HIV About Childbearing Issues Part B: Services for Special Populations Services to Adolescents Services to People with HIV in the Workplace Providing Service to Gay Men Providing Services to HIV-Positive Women Providing Services to Elderly People with HIV Social Work Practice with HIV-Positive People in Rural Settings Providing Services to People with Preexisting Mental Illness HIV Services in Correctional Facilities: Negotiating a Complex Environment Section IV: Economic Supports and Housing Economic Supports and Advocacy Housing for People with HIV Section V: Caring for the Professional Caregiver Caring for Ourselves: Understanding and Minimizing the Stresses of HIV Caregiving Meeting the Emotional Needs of Health Care Providers Changing the System: Don't Mourn. . . Organize! Index Reference Notes Included
Uitgavejaar 1998
ISBN 9781560239062
Verschijningsdatum 1 mrt. 1998
Omvang 618
Auteur(s) R Dennis Shelby David M Aronstein Bruce J Thompson
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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