Human Psychopharmacology

  • Ian Hindmarch P.D. Stonier
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Volume 6 of this invaluable series encompasses the increasing range of issues associated with psychopharmacology, giving up-to-date information not only on the scientific aspects of the subject but also on the social, legal and ethical implications. Chapters include:Stress, glucocorticoids and depression - implications for pharmacological interventionPharmacovigilance and antidepressantsQuality of life in psychopharmacology - what are we measuring and why does it matter - Legal aspects of drugs in the workplaceCognitive testing of new anticonvulsantsHuman Psychopharmacology: Measures and Methods has become established as a standard text in the subject, providing clear and authoritative treatments of the important and current issues in psychopharmacology. This volume will be an invaluable reference point for all those working in the area.
Platelet Intracellular Calcium and the Response to Serotonin as a Peripheral Marker in Mood Disorders (M. Berk). Stress, Glucocorticoids and Depression: Implications for Pharmacological Intervention (T. Dinan). Measuring Cholinergic Function and Cognitive Abilities (W. Riedel, et al.). Assessing Sedating and Alerting Drug Effects: The Multiple Sleep Latency Test (T. Roth & T. Roehrs). Actigraphy in Psychopharmacology (N. Stanley). Cognitive Testing of New Anticonvulsants (M. Trimble). Vascular Dementia: Diagnosis and Management (K. Amar & G. Wilcock). Quality of Life in Psychopharmacology: What are We Measuring and Why Does it Matter? (C. Selai & M. Trimble). Drug Regulation and Psychopharmacology: Measures and Methods (D. Jefferys). Assessing Accident Risk Potential for Psychoactive Drugs (C. Dal Pozzo). Legal Aspects of Drugs in the Workplace (G. Howard). Withdrawal of Psychotropic Drugs from the Market: I: From Thalidomide to Zimeldine (J. Edwards). Withdrawal of Psychotropic Drugs from the Market: II: From Nomifensine to Remoxipride (J. Edwards). Index.
Uitgavejaar 1997
ISBN 9780471950417
Serie Human psychopharmacology: measures & methods
Verschijningsdatum 28 okt. 1997
Omvang 258
Editie Volume 6 ed.
Auteur(s) Ian Hindmarch P.D. Stonier
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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